avocats plus belles publicites de ces dernieres annees

Lawyers: the most beautiful communication campaigns and advertisements of recent years

In 2014, lawyers finally get the right to advertise! This is a real evolution for the profession that was made possible by the decree of 28 October 2014. These communications operations are regulated...

top influenceurs avocats france

Top lawyers influencers in France

In the era of digital communication, influencers develop a considerable notoriety thanks to digital channels: YouTube channel, blogs or social networks. Each of these people, specialized in a...


Culture: the best communication campaigns and advertisements of recent years

Cultural companies must constantly come up with new advertising to get their name out there. Being bold and creative has become essential to seduce and make an impression on consumers. The cultural...

top recherches avocats sur google france

Top searches for lawyers on Google in France

Since 1998, Google, one of the big five American companies, has been providing Internet users with a powerful search engine that is constantly improving. Through heavy use of keywords and queries,...

top des influenceurs culture france

Top culture influencers in France

Instagram and Youtube are not just for the fashion and travel industries. The world of culture is also influenced by social networks. Even if cultural actors are still shy in their influence...

Les marques culturelles et loisirs preferes des français

The French’s favourite cultural and leisure brands

It is difficult to determine which cultural brand is the favorite of the French. A world reference in terms of culture, France shines with the diversity and richness of its heritage, its artistic and...

plus belles publicites luxe des dernieres annees.

The most beautiful luxury ads of the last few years

How to make a mark in our modern society where advertising is everywhere? Images, videos and commercials are part of everyday life. Companies need to provide more and more content, adapted to...


The French’s favourite restaurants and dishes in 2021

Which restaurants are popular with the French? Each year, several awards are presented to the restaurants that consumers prefer. Other studies look at the dishes that the French particularly like....


Top restaurant searches on Google in France

What would French culture be without a good meal in a restaurant? Organizing a lunch for a business meal or celebrating a family event at a dinner are part of our habits. However, since the beginning...


2021 Catering Marketing Calendar

The marketing calendar is a valuable tool for a communication strategy in the restaurant sector. It is essential to develop its content. It gives inspiration and a creative boost to your blog posts...

Les meilleures publicités de vins et de spiritueux

France’s favourite wines and spirits

Which wines and spirits do the French love? Studies conducted by professionals allow us to know the tastes and consumption habits of wine lovers. These trends speak volumes about their needs and...

Calendrier vin spiritueux 2021

Wine and Spirits Marketing Calendar 2021

The wine and spirits marketing calendar is an essential element for a successful communication plan. It compiles all the important events in the wine and spirits sector. If you are a professional in...

Top des influenceurs vins et spiritueux

Top wine and spirits influencers

The wine and spirits sector is no exception to the rule, it is now necessary to conquer the young people, the millenials as they are called, who can be found on the Internet and on social networks....

Top publicités vins spiritueux

The best wine and spirits ads

Communication campaigns on the themes of wine and spirits must have an impact in a highly competitive sector. Companies are constantly reinventing themselves to stand out from the crowd, they have to...

Top publicités joaillerie

Top jewelry ads

Jewellery communication campaigns are obliged to make an impression in a highly competitive sector. Whether it is on television, the Internet, on the networks or through posters, some jewellery...


Trends in wine and spirits searches on Google in 2021

In 2021, the Internet and e-commerce will play an increasingly important role in the wine market. It is now necessary to make a place for yourself on the web. As a wine or spirits brand, knowing the...

Top 7 des influenceuses joaillerie

Top 7 jewellery influencers

Jewelry influencers have a lot of power. Whether they're putting up videos on YouTube, writing on their blogs or sharing their best photos on Instagram, they've managed to build a loyal community...

Top 7 des influenceurs hôtellerie

Top 7 hotel influencers

According to a study by Voyages-sncf, 70% of Millenials chose their holiday destination thanks to a photo seen on Instagram. Social networks have become an essential part of a communication plan. As...


Jewellery marketing calendar 2021

The publication calendar is the essential tool that allows you to group together all the key dates and unmissable events in the jewellery industry. If you are a communicator in the jewellery sector,...


France’s favourite jewellery brands

Jewellery is a true tradition of craftsmanship in France and its know-how is recognized throughout the world. The French know this and take advantage of it. They are the first customers of jewelry...