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Make strategic decisions with confidence, being sure to make the best business choices, these are the promises of good market research.

Market research helps minimize risks by establishing a strong and coherent corporate “policy” and adopting an innovative positioning vis-à-vis your competitors.




Why do market research?

Like an anthill, your market is in constant turmoil.

Undoubtedly, to get started or thrive, you have to find your place and, above all, impose yourself there. Developments in your market may have repercussions on your activities. To stand out, it is therefore necessary to understand the environment of your business.

Market research allows you to identify and precisely measure the different elements that make up your sector of activity: the rank of each of its players, the authority they exercise, but also your target and their expectations.

By allowing you to identify the strengths / weaknesses and know-how specific to your company and to the products you offer, market research will guide your marketing and strategic choices in relation to your economic environment, your competitors and their specificities.

Alioze, a market research expert



Our market research services

  • Audit and analysis of your market;
  • Analysis of your brand image;
  • Analysis of your clientele (to broaden and retain them);
  • Analysis of your e-reputation.

At Alioze, we act on the development of your business both by identifying the opportunities available to you, but also the threats that may weigh on your business. We assess your business from all angles: competitive, legislative, environmental, technological, etc.

Close to people and placing proximity with our customers as an essential factor for the success of their goals, Alioze has an attentive ear. Our benevolence is mixed with an expert gaze built over the course of our collaborations with numerous branches and trades.

Our 360 ° communication skills also make our little extra since we offer various complementary services to market research:

  • Competitive intelligence
  • Semantics
  • Behavioral analysis

Activating all of these parameters allows us not only to anticipate changes in your market and the expectations of your customers, but also to identify certain favorable opportunities to exploit.



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