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top recherche requêtes automobile Google

Top automotive searches on Google

Car buyers can't get enough of Google. In 2016, already 84% of car customers inquire about the search before buying their new vehicle. The search engine is the first source of inspiration. In order...

Calendrier marketing automobile 2021

2021 Automotive Marketing Calendar (key dates and events)

The publication calendar is the tool that compiles all the events to remember in the automotive sector. As a communicator, it helps you come up with ideas for writing your social media posts and blog...

Top influenceurs automobile

Top automotive influencers

Companies in the automotive sector can no longer ignore influencer marketing as a way to get the word out and build their brand. Automotive influencers have considerable power over their community...

meilleures publicites automobile

Top 5 Best Car Commercials

In our society today, advertising is everywhere. When we walk down the street, watch television or surf the web, advertising messages fill our daily lives. How can you make an impression in this...

Marques automobiles préférées des français

France’s favourite car brands

According to the CCFA, the Committee of French Car Manufacturers, 1,337,704 registrations were recorded in 2020, a 26.9% decrease compared to 2019. Although the pandemic has had a huge impact on the...

Chiffres clés automobile 2021

Key figures for the automotive industry in 2021

Alioze has compiled for you the key figures for the automobile in 2021. They provide essential information about the car market in France today. In 2021, after a year of covid and repeated...