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In the era of digital communication, influencers develop a considerable notoriety thanks to digital channels: YouTube channel, blogs or social networks. Each of these people, specialized in a particular theme, is frequently considered a Web celebrity. This phenomenon is a real marketing asset for companies wishing to promote their brand.

In 2020, the legal profession is not immune to the advent of influential lawyers who publicly communicate their ideology, passion or even advice to their community.
For these men and women who have chosen to defend the rights of their fellow citizens, gaining visibility also allows them to stand out from their colleagues.

Discover our top 3 influencers in France.


Juan Branco, the lawyer of the yellow vests

Opposed to Emmanuel Macron’s policies, Juan Branco is notably known for having defended representatives of the yellow vest movement such as Maxime Nicolle.
Born in Spain in 1989, he obtained a PhD in international law in 2012. The lawyer and far-left activist has a following of nearly 104,000 on Twitter.
In his tweets, he relays news about the cases he is defending, namely the one concerning the youtuber Marvel Fitness, accused of moral harassment.


Wishing to give the image of a defender of great causes, Juan Branco is also the author of the books Twilight and Assange, in which he denounces the underside of the current political system. His YouTube channel has over 56,000 subscribers.


Laure-Alice Bouvier, lawyer and fitness influencer

One thing is for sure: Laure-Alice Bouvier is not a fan of the metro, bar, dodo! Full of dynamism, the young lawyer at the Paris bar is very active on social networks: her Instagram account is followed by more than 140,000 subscribers and her YouTube channel has 2,800. Her photos and content cover a wide range of topics: law, fitness, fashion and lifestyle.



Her regular presence on the networks serves as a showcase for her own law firm opened in 2016. Indeed, the multi-faceted influencer has no shortage of creativity to gain visibility on the Internet and attract new customers.
A passionate practitioner of law, she is also committed to defending her clients.
In September 2020, the young lawyer defended the plaintiff in the Marvel Fitness trial, experiencing harassment herself during the case.

911 Lawyer, the channel that popularizes the law

Would you like to learn about the law and the legal profession while having a good time? Look no further, Éloïse Wagner’s channel will meet your expectations.
In collaboration with the composer Reksider, the YouTube channel 911 Lawyer aims to inform and explain legal principles specific to Internet videos.



In a more general way, their videos deal with subjects related to digital creation and communication on the Web.
With degrees in film and business law, Eloise Wagner brought her two passions together with the creation of her channel in May 2016: her law practice and the world of the Internet. At the end of 2020, 911 Lawyer had over 57,000 subscribers and was closing in on 1,100,000 cumulative views since its launch. You can also find Éloise on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: the combined use of these networks allows her to develop the notoriety of her firm while cultivating her passions!


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