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Instagram NFT Polygon

NFTs are coming to Instagram via Polygon

At its Creator Week event, Meta announced that Instagram would soon allow content creators to produce and sell NFTs. Described as digital collectibles, these virtual items are effectively...

TikTok et le e-commerce

The TikTok application takes on e-commerce

Following an announcement published by TikTok on the professional social network LinkedIn, it appears that the Chinese application would seek to launch into e-commerce. Would the ambition of the...

TikTok stories : Instagram et Facebook

TikTok: Tiktok Stories available on Facebook and Instagram

Tiktok recently confirmed to the web news specialist TechCrunch the launch of its new feature. It will allow its users to post their Tiktok Stories on Meta social networks: Facebook and Instagram. It...

digital dans la mode et le luxe

Focus on the advent of digital content in the world of luxury and fashion

On the occasion of the e-P Summit, the forum dedicated to fashion and technology organized by Pitti Immagine on May 4 and 5 in Florence, the world of luxury and fashion returned to the importance of...

Facebook News France

Meta: Facebook News has arrived in France

Facebook News is gradually coming to France, after being launched in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Australia. It is a news feed reserved for media content. Its deployment began...


Twitter, Facebook, Slack… Social networks imitate Clubhouse with audio chat

The popularity of Clubhouse has not gone unnoticed in the social media world. Social networking giants such as Twitter, Slack, LinkedIn and Facebook are seizing on the live chat model to compete with...

Micro influenceur

Micro-influencer: the ideal choice for your influence marketing

Whether it's luxury, fashion, health, food or culture, the micro-influencer is now among the major players on social networks. Present on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or TikTok, these...

Chiffres Youtube

YouTube: 2023 key figures & trends

A great marketing tool, video is one of the most popular formats on social networks, both for brands and users. This is because audiovisual content arouses a strong interest among Internet users and...

Guide Instagram Marketing

Instagram guides: a powerful tool for your social media marketing

What is an Instagram Guide?   Instagram Guides appeared two years ago to meet a simple need of users: to gather several contents around the same theme. Just like a folder in a paper...

Twitch streaming 2021

Twitch: a strong 2022 for the streaming platform

Twitch, a platform owned by the giant Amazon, has had a banner year: 2021 has been synonymous with audience records for this social network, despite several scandals that have tainted its...


Facebook becomes Meta: why the tech giant is changing its name?

The parent company of the social network Facebook will now be called Meta. It was Mark Zuckerberg himself who announced it to the world, while the tech giant is facing a new crisis triggered by the...


“As seen on TikTok”: the new “As seen on TV”

TikTok is becoming a true social marketing platform. The short-form video application now reaches a billion users, who flock to the products it promotes. Whether it's a book, a pair of leggings,...


Influencers: 3 out of 5 Internet users follow their purchase recommendations

Brand ambassadors, product prescribers, trend spotters: influencers are currently becoming the indispensable relay of brand communication, whatever the sector. According to Mediamétrie's Web...


Facebook launches new tools to protect children

Facebook is rolling out new features to regulate the use of its platforms, including Instagram and its eponymous app, by children and teens. The announcement comes in the wake of growing public...

Chiffres TikTok

TikTok: figures and trends 2023

With more than 53% of the world's population active on social networks, these media have become an essential marketing element. Among the giants, a new kid on the block has entered and exploded the...


Instagram ranking algorithm: a new challenge for brands

After changing its logo and design last month, Instagram is once again shaking up its users' habits by changing the order in which photos are displayed in their news feeds. The announcement was...


You don’t have to be a Facebook member to be targeted by its ads

Even those most concerned about the commercial use of their personal data will no longer be immune. Facebook has announced that it will begin serving targeted ads outside its social network and to...

For security, LinkedIn and Microsoft ban commonplace passwords

For security, LinkedIn and Microsoft ban commonplace passwords

“Important information about your LinkedIn account"- The subject line of the email sent by LinkedIn to its members is quite alarming. For the past few days, the professional social network has been...


Why use Pinterest to boost your E Commerce in 2023?

Ideal for generating e-commerce sales, Pinterest has gradually become an essential channel for retailers. Whether you're a small online store or an e-commerce giant, Pinterest allows you to build...

Chiffres web marketing

Web figures & trends 2023: SEO, e-commerce, marketing, social networks

Marketing, SEO and social media strategies, as well as the ways in which people interact with mobile devices, make online purchases, consume content or search for information are all issues to be...