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Instagram ranking algorithm: a new challenge for brands

After changing its logo and design last month, Instagram is once again shaking up its users' habits by changing the order in which photos are displayed in their news feeds. The announcement was...


You don’t have to be a Facebook member to be targeted by its ads

Even those most concerned about the commercial use of their personal data will no longer be immune. Facebook has announced that it will begin serving targeted ads outside its social network and to...

For security, LinkedIn and Microsoft ban commonplace passwords

For security, LinkedIn and Microsoft ban commonplace passwords

“Important information about your LinkedIn account"- The subject line of the email sent by LinkedIn to its members is quite alarming. For the past few days, the professional social network has been...


Why use Pinterest to boost your E Commerce in 2021-2022?

Ideal for generating e-commerce sales, Pinterest has gradually become an essential channel for retailers. Whether you're a small online store or an e-commerce giant, Pinterest allows you to build...

Chiffres web marketing

Web figures & trends 2021-2022: SEO, e-commerce, marketing, social networks

As you know, our digital environment is constantly changing. Marketing, SEO and social media strategies, as well as the ways in which people interact with mobile devices, make online...


6 tips for creating a successful Facebook Ads

Setting up a Facebook Ads is one of the best ways to promote your business and products online. The social network is not only number one in terms of number of users, but it is also versatile in...

top influenceur tourisme france

Top 5 tourism influencers in France

Travel bloggers and influencers are paid to travel. Behind this enticing vision of the world of influence lies a profession and a reality that is much more professional than it seems. Today's...

Top 6 des influenceurs restaurants en France

Top 6 restaurant influencers in France

Social media and especially Instagram are very powerful tools for restaurant businesses. 8 out of 10 young French people have discovered a product or a place through an influencer. 38% of Instagram...


How to optimize your SEO with YouTube?

While most companies focus their SEO efforts on their websites, there are many other ways to improve their SEO. Search results are now composed of all kinds of content: images, interactive maps,...

top influenceurs enseignement education france

Top influencers in teaching and education in France

Traditional advertising is still omnipresent in our daily lives: press, urban billboards, TV and radio. However, brands in all fields are increasingly turning to influencer marketing. Education...

Top influenceurs automobile

Top automotive influencers

Companies in the automotive sector can no longer ignore influencer marketing as a way to get the word out and build their brand. Automotive influencers have considerable power over their community...


Top watch influencers

As a communicator in the watch industry, you are certainly looking for influential personalities to improve your reputation and increase your sales. Watch brands, often traditional, still rely on...

top influenceurs avocats france

Top lawyers influencers in France

In the era of digital communication, influencers develop a considerable notoriety thanks to digital channels: YouTube channel, blogs or social networks. Each of these people, specialized in a...

top des influenceurs culture france

Top culture influencers in France

Instagram and Youtube are not just for the fashion and travel industries. The world of culture is also influenced by social networks. Even if cultural actors are still shy in their influence...

Top des influenceurs vins et spiritueux

Top wine and spirits influencers

The wine and spirits sector is no exception to the rule, it is now necessary to conquer the young people, the millenials as they are called, who can be found on the Internet and on social networks....

Top 7 des influenceuses joaillerie

Top 7 jewellery influencers

Jewelry influencers have a lot of power. Whether they're putting up videos on YouTube, writing on their blogs or sharing their best photos on Instagram, they've managed to build a loyal community...

Top 7 des influenceurs hôtellerie

Top 7 hotel influencers

According to a study by Voyages-sncf, 70% of Millenials chose their holiday destination thanks to a photo seen on Instagram. Social networks have become an essential part of a communication plan. As...


Top Influencers for Children and Families

Do you work for a child and family brand? Looking for an easy way to communicate with parents? Collaborating with a mom or dad influencer is a real asset for your digital marketing. This allows you...

top influenceurs luxe france

Top luxury influencers in France

Traditionally, in influencer marketing, luxury companies use celebrities to represent their brand. However, the sector's brands now want to conquer the younger generation, which is the consumer of...

Top 5 des influenceurs immobilier en France

Top 5 real estate influencers in France

Thanks to their charisma, their energy or their willingness to pass on their knowledge, certain public figures stand out in the real estate field. This sector has also joined the era of...