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Health and e-reputation: the importance of Google reviews

No sector escapes ratings and Google reviews, and the health sector is not spared! The "click-note" has replaced the "word-of-mouth": stars, thumbs up and reviews of all kinds make and break the...

top recherches santé sur google france

Top health searches on Google in France

What are the French most interested in regarding their health? In the past, patients would go to their doctor with questions or concerns. The latter reassured him, gave him information, a diagnosis...

Top influenceurs sante france

Top 5 health influencers in France

Social networks are omnipresent in the daily life of the French. No sector can now miss this marketing lever, not even health. In this unprecedented crisis situation due to Covid-19, social...


French people’s favourite health brands

What are the favourite health brands of the French? This is a difficult question to answer because patients and clients have an ambivalent relationship with the drugs, care and health products they...


Key figures for the health and medical sector 2021

The digital health market is expected to be worth more than $230 billion worldwide in 2023, which is an increase of 160% from 2019. What is the place of digital technology among patients and...


The 3 best health advertising and communication campaigns of recent years

Advertising is omnipresent in our daily lives. The health sector cannot do without this distribution system for prevention and sales. How to be fair, impactful and relevant in your message on these...


Healthcare Marketing Calendar 2021: Key dates and events

As a health and medical professional, it is essential to refer to the marketing calendar of your sector to develop your communication strategy. It will be used, for example, to announce an event on...