Culture: the best communication campaigns and advertisements of recent years

Cultural companies must constantly come up with new advertising to get their name out there. Being bold and creative has become essential to seduce and make an impression on consumers. The cultural sector is no exception to this reality. In our daily life where advertising is omnipresent, solicitations are everywhere and cultural actors must stand out from the crowd to make their mark. Alioze reveals some of the best culture ads of the last few years.


Culture for all according to the Cultura Foundation

“More than a formula, it means that our brand aims to also bring culture to those who are excluded from it, whatever the cause.” The Cultura Foundation is committed to making culture accessible to all. Its various communication campaigns, always orchestrated by the St John’s agency, highlight these values. They are some of the best culture ads of the last few years.


campagne affichage fondation cultura


In 2020, the visuals of two illustrious characters are being shown on the streets and on social networks. Victor Hugo and Ludwig van Beethoven were chosen to take on the role of guards who bar the entrance to the world of culture. The slogan is clear: “Let’s not let culture become a private club”. A way to show that anyone has the right to be educated and that intimidation is not necessary. Culture is indeed open to all. This campaign was broadcast on the streets and on social networks.


Fondation cultura publicites


Already in 2019, 4,000 JCDecaux billboards had hosted posters with a challenging message. This time, it is not men but urban places that are honoured. Eric Margolis’ black and white photographs show deserted urban spaces plastered with the names of famous artists: Square Verdi, Café Balzac, Quai Renoir. For the Cultura Foundation, great works and creators must have more weight and space in society. It thus gives culture a place and raises awareness of the need to preserve it in our daily lives.


The Musée d’Orsay’s shock ad

To promote the exhibition Sade. Attacking the sun, the Musée d’Orsay chose in 2014 to get straight to the point. A few minutes of video showcases naked bodies intertwining in an orgiastic atmosphere. They write with their bodies the name of the artist: Sade, as if the bodies of men and women were united to form his name.



The exhibition traces the work of the Marquis de Sade (1740-1814) who left his mark on French literature and turned the arts and his philosophy upside down. His work challenges many principles and all the assumptions of established society. He questions religion, ideologies, the sublime, the physical, the limits and challenges all established principles. Having become a true myth, it was necessary to challenge the public in the manner of Sade and to prepare it! The advert warns visitors from the outset that they should expect to experience a sensual encounter with the man of letters. In order to understand the subjects discussed, a hot ad imagined by David Freymond and Florent Michel was needed to make the viewer want to know more…


The Inrocks’ surprise concerts

On August 30, 2017, les Inrockuptibles magazine returns to its original values to celebrate its new formula. The operation is called “Now on newsstands”. It was produced in collaboration with the Romance agency and in partnership with the Blogothèque and MediaKiosk. A real event, it honors young musical talents by organizing improvised concerts in the streets of Paris. Five surprise shows are proposed in front of newsstands. Frànçois And The Atlas Mountains, Agar Agar, Roméo Elvis, Ichon and Juliette Armanet were chosen as ambassadors for Les Inrocks, who wanted to confirm their role as talent scouts.


Each concert gathers a few hundred people. It is above all the virality of the event that will enable the expected results to be achieved. Les Inrocks broadcasts all the events on Facebook Live, not to mention the spectators who film the moments and post them on social networks. The shares and comments will reach millions of people. On the Inrocks account alone, about 3.4 million people have watched the videos. All this for a minimal investment, the artists and locations cost nothing and only 2,000 euros were spent on media communication. This was a great success for the cultural magazine, which recorded a 95% increase in sales for the following edition.

Unesco’s guilt-tripping communication campaign

Illicitly sold cultural objects are worth $10 billion. Most of the time, they come from the looting of archaeological sites in war-torn countries, which enriches terrorist and criminal organizations. In addition to the financial value of these works, these thefts are also a means of dispossessing people of their cultural heritage.


Campagne culpabilisante Unesco

UNESCO has been fighting against this illicit traffic for 50 years, imposing a legal framework to control the transfer of works of art. To mark this anniversary, the institution has chosen to run an awareness campaign aimed at art lovers and collectors in the specialist press and on the networks. The “True Price of Art” advertisement was designed by DDB Paris to denounce this critical situation. A chic interior with a pure design is dressed with a piece of furniture on which an Ivorian, pre-Columbian or Afghan sculpture is enthroned. A discreet text reveals the hidden side and tells the true story of the object: war, terrorism and the stolen memory of a people.

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