Trends in wine and spirits searches on Google in 2023

In 2023, the Internet and e-commerce will play an increasingly important role in the wine market. It is now necessary to make a place for yourself on the web. As a wine or spirits brand, knowing the search trends of Internet users is essential to optimize your content strategy and SEO. What are the French most interested in regarding wine and spirits? When are the different alcohols typed into the search engine? Which sites can best stand out in the Google jungle?

The place of digital in the wine sector

The coronavirus crisis has led to changes in French behaviour. The year 2020 saw an increase in wine sales on the Internet. The Sowine/Dynata barometer reveals that remote shopping has grown from 31% in 2019 to 46% in 2020.

  1. 69% of online consumers spend more than €10 per bottle.
  2. 38% of wine buyers get information before making a purchase on websites and 37% on social networks.
  3. 28% of French people on the networks follow a wine and spirits influencer. 50% of major wine customers have purchased at least one recommended wine through Instagram or Facebook.


Top 3 wine queries at Google

When you type “can it wine” into the search engine, this is what comes up first.

The French are afraid of the effects of wine. They wonder if having a drink will cause a stomach ache, muscle pain, cramps or gas. Although the French are renowned for their habitual consumption of wine, they still seem to question the evils of alcohol consumption.

Another question is the state of the grape drink. The “can wine turn / freeze / expire?” question shows that the French are not so knowledgeable. They are interested in the processing and preservation of wine. Be careful, if you decide to put your bottle of white wine in the freezer to cool it down, don’t forget that wine can actually freeze!

Top 3 questions about spirits asked to Google

For spirits, the most popular expressions are “spirits in France”. Internet users want to know about the alcohols made in France to consume locally and learn more about the country’s know-how. The “Spirits for Dummies” booklet reinforces the idea that the French are looking to learn more about them.
The other question that comes up most often is “non-alcoholic spirits”, which shows that the French are also consumers of soft drinks.

Seasonality of searches

All alcohols, whether wines (red and white), whiskies and rums, show a very strong seasonal pattern. The peak is at the end of the year, over the Christmas and New Year period.

If we compare these four spirits, rum is clearly more searched for on Google than its competitors. Next comes whisky, which is very similar to white wine, and then red wine.

Rosé wine is far behind. It seems to be consumed much less by the French. It rises in the spring when the terraces open and the sun comes out, levels off in the summer, and then falls quietly into the winter.

The best referenced websites

Knowing the search trends is very important to be able to study and adapt to its target, in order to establish its content strategy and improve its SEO. Some wine and spirits websites have already understood this and are very well positioned on Google. What are the main competitive wine and spirits websites?

The eQuaero agency has listed the best ones after an analysis of 10,000 queries from the wine world. Based on search volumes and site positioning, here are the top 3:

  • (the Figaro sub-domain)
  • Wikipedia
  • iDealWine

A rather surprising fact is that anchor stores are not always well referenced: Millésima, Vinatis, for example, are behind. Nicolas is only in 17th place.

Conclusion, there are still places to take! For the director of eQuaero, quality must be combined with quantity: delivering numerous articles with rich and expert content is one of the keys to success.


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