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The website development is a central concern of Alioze. We produce long term and robust technical architecture, using stable and tried and tested technologies which are used worldwide and which are most of the time open source.

Our team marries together a well rounded skill set, a vision focusing on innovation and performance along with an instructional focus at every step, for a high quality conversation with our intermediaries.

Alioze, agency specialised in Magento development

At the heart of our business since 2008 has been the development of e-commerce websites using Magento and soon Magento 2. Alioze develops e-commerce websites using only Magento because we believe it is quite simply the best technology in the world, no matter what size your business is.

All of our developers have a minimum of 5 years’ experience using Magento and they painstakingly observe the principles of development which guarantees that our clients will receive high quality coding, perfect integration and bug free websites.

Our team of specialists study the specific development needs, we will discuss together the design brief and deliver the best consulting possible, at the start of the project and then throughout the mission to allow you to stay flexible and to progress as quickly as possible, whilst also anticipating any possible side effects.


  • Specialised Magento web hosting and e-commerce developmentMagento is now streamlined and especially intuitive in its daily management, making it perfectly adapted to new e-commerce owners who are looking to launch with a reduced number of product references and whose demands aren’t overly specific. For larger merchants who must manage more complex stakes, Magento is without doubt the best platform. The stability and adaptability of the code makes for a fast integration of new demands in a price efficient way.


  • Creation of corporate site : we accompany businesses in creating what we call “corporate” or “showcase” websites through WordPress. These non commercial, image focused sites are generally categorized in two types: either reasonably simple with little content or much more complex with large databases and strong strategic challenges (group websites, mini event websites…). Alioze usually works on wide scale web projects, but we can nevertheless create small sites. Generally the websites consist of a few pages, whose aim is to present the activity in just a few clicks. We welcome craftspeople, merchants, liberal professionals (licensed or not).
    Edouard Duban, the agency’s founder, himself the sun of a trader, has always wanted to support SMEs in their web development. Many agencies neglect this type of client, or just don’t understand how to work with them. In general the geo-localisation dynamics are very important. The website must therefore provide a smooth navigation, an impeccable mobile device experience, and offer many points of access to the contacts page. In this way, creating this type of site demands a different kind of savoir-faire. Normally we will create some of the website’s content for our clients to help them go through conception and get online as quickly as possible. The support is 360 degree: text is optimised for good indexing, photographs are also chosen with painstaking detail, to create a navigation experience which is close to the reality of the business.


  • Specific/ made to measure developmentsAlioze is particularly directed towards open source technologies and consequently we develop few sites using proprietary or made to measure technology. However we have a condensed knowledge and we work on our own projects. We can therefore evaluate your needs and give you the best advice. The technologies we favour are for PHP, Zend and Symphony 2 frameworks and, always forward facing, we are also interested in Meteor.


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