Luxury sector: stratospheric 2022 results

The world of luxury goods is posting historic profits, with the LVMH group's 2022 results reaching over 21 billion euros. This exceptional result is explained by a strong increase in its activity in...

Luxe et mode : seconde main

Metavers: luxury positions itself on the second-hand market

Luxury brands are currently facing a major challenge: to impose themselves on the second-hand market. Faced with the phenomenal growth of second hand resale platforms, the big houses are trying to...


Will Web3 revolutionize the luxury sector?

Following the Covid crisis, the luxury sector has adapted by seizing the opportunities of Web3. NFT, metavers, blockchain are all technologies that have broadened the horizons of the biggest houses....

Stella Mc Cartney et Lvmh

Stella McCartney and LVMH launch a conscious luxury beauty line

Designer Stella McCartney will launch her own "conscious luxury" beauty line in September, in collaboration with LVMH. This new brand of responsible cosmetics, named STELLA, corresponds to the values...

La beauté et le web3

Beauty: luxury brands launch into the Web3

Aware of the progression of Web 3.0, major luxury and beauty brands such as Givenchy and Yves Saint Laurent are affirming their pioneering spirit by unveiling their very first NFT...

Métavers et luxe

Metaverse: Zuckerberg takes on the big luxury brands

After fashion, the metaverse and its most famous representative, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, is now tackling the world of luxury! The founder of Facebook met with Leonardo Del Vecchio, founder...

digital dans la mode et le luxe

Focus on the advent of digital content in the world of luxury and fashion

On the occasion of the e-P Summit, the forum dedicated to fashion and technology organized by Pitti Immagine on May 4 and 5 in Florence, the world of luxury and fashion returned to the importance of...


Luxury: the giants Richemont and Kering launch the Watch & Jewellery Initiative 2030...

Cartier, a flagship of the Richemont Group, and the luxury goods group Kering are inviting brands in the watch and jewelry sector to reduce their carbon emissions by launching the Watch &...

plus belles publicites luxe des dernieres annees.

The most beautiful luxury ads of the last few years

How to make a mark in our modern society where advertising is everywhere? Images, videos and commercials are part of everyday life. Companies need to provide more and more content, adapted to...

Chiffres luxe

Key figures for the luxury goods market in 2021-2022

Booming for more than a decade, luxury goods were one of the sectors hardest hit by the health crisis of 2020. Although the effects of the latter are destined to fade over time, the luxury industry...

top influenceurs luxe france

Top luxury influencers in France

Traditionally, in influencer marketing, luxury companies use celebrities to represent their brand. However, the sector's brands now want to conquer the younger generation, which is the consumer of...

top requetes luxe google france

Top luxury searches on Google in France

True leader of the Internet, Google dictates its law in the rules of referencing and the quest for the Grail: the first page of the search. When you want to increase your visibility, it is essential...

marques luxe preferees français

The French’s favourite luxury brands

What are the French's favourite luxury brands? It is difficult to answer this question because of the severe lack of consumer surveys. In order to evaluate luxury companies, several platforms have...

calendrier marketing luxe 2021

Luxury 2021 Marketing Calendar (Key Dates and Events)

The publication calendar lists events and days not to be missed in the luxury sector. For communication professionals, this is essential for building a useful content strategy for social media, blog...