Key figures and trends in the restaurant industry in 2021

The years 2020 and 2021 are tough times for the restaurant industry. Between the confinements, curfews and the introduction of the health pass, restaurant owners are seeing their business undermined....

Les meilleures publicités de restaurants de ces dernières années

The best restaurant commercials of recent years

You manage a restaurant and you are out of ideas for your next marketing campaign? It is never easy to find the right words and images for your target audience, while at the same time asserting your...

Top 6 des influenceurs restaurants en France

Top 6 restaurant influencers in France

Social media and especially Instagram are very powerful tools for restaurant businesses. 8 out of 10 young French people have discovered a product or a place through an influencer. 38% of Instagram...


The French’s favourite restaurants and dishes in 2021

Which restaurants are popular with the French? Each year, several awards are presented to the restaurants that consumers prefer. Other studies look at the dishes that the French particularly like....


Top restaurant searches on Google in France

What would French culture be without a good meal in a restaurant? Organizing a lunch for a business meal or celebrating a family event at a dinner are part of our habits. However, since the beginning...


2021 Catering Marketing Calendar

The marketing calendar is a valuable tool for a communication strategy in the restaurant sector. It is essential to develop its content. It gives inspiration and a creative boost to your blog posts...