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When you call on some agency to create a so-called “showcase” or “corporate” website, the method adopted by your service provider can be separated into two relatively conventional approaches.


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Corporate or group site development


SMEs or large companies usually have a brand site or group site which presents:

  • Activities ;
  • history;
  • the leaders ;
  • company news.

The objective of this website is primarily to inform, but also to win new customers. He must quickly direct the Internet user to the sections which interest him, without wasting time, with a speed of loading of the pages.

The design of the corporate site must be very clear and the ergonomics and user experience turned towards high-quality accessibility.

A large majority of web agencies or IT service providers abandon natural referencing in favor of the image. Alioze takes great care in SEO and the optimization of all pages.

We favor a perfect agreement between density of text content, images and video supports, in order to offer the Internet user a sensational visit, without perceiving the level of overall optimization for natural referencing.

Alioze, a SS2I website development expert

Development of artisan / trader / liberal & regulated professions site

We know that the budgets dedicated to website development for VSEs are generally less important.

Historically, Edouard Duban, the founder of our agency, wanted to provide adapted answers to professionals looking for an efficient, simple and transversal provider. Alioze focuses on the essentials, while providing the best technology for your website.

Optimizations are carried out to allow you to take positions on local requests, to find a clientele near your point of sale or your office.

Since the creation of the agency almost 10 years ago, we have supported many artisans, whether from Paris or from the provinces, in the development of their website. All have become leaders in their region, their neighborhood, their sector. In our view, each small business condenses a unique know-how and human proximity that must be valued.


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