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Top Fashion Searches on Google in France

Google has colossal data on Internet users. The firm studies and analyzes all this data to highlight trends in consumer habits. As a company or brand of ready-to-wear, shoes, leather goods or...


Fashion Marketing Calendar 2021

For clothing and ready-to-wear professionals, a calendar listing all the important dates in the fashion sector is essential for developing a communication and editorial strategy. You can then surf on...


Top 5 fashion influencers in France

Fashion bloggers, youtubers, instagrammers have considerable power. They have built a loyal community over the years. At the forefront of current events and always aware of trends, they share their...


France’s favourite fashion brands

Fashion fascinates. It is above all necessary in our daily lives and one of the most productive and lucrative sectors. How does the consumer find his way through this abundance of proposals? Between...

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Key Figures for the Fashion Sector in 2021-2022

Hit hard by the coronavirus crisis, the fashion market will experience a sharp decline in sales in France and abroad in 2020. However, fashion is still the leading market on the Internet in terms...

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Top 5 Consumer Fashion Ads

In 2020, fashion advertising is everywhere: in magazines, on urban billboards, on television and, of course, on the Internet. Some communication campaigns remain in people's minds and have more...