Top 7 des influenceurs hôtellerie

Top 7 hotel influencers

According to a study by Voyages-sncf, 70% of Millenials chose their holiday destination thanks to a photo seen on Instagram. Social networks have become an essential part of a communication plan. As...

meilleures publicités hotellerie

Top 5 best hotel ads

Communication campaigns on the theme of the hotel industry must be striking in the face of strong competition. Even though customers are increasingly using the Internet for information before booking...

Calendrier marketing hotellerie 2021

Hotel marketing calendar 2021

All hotel professionals need to know about the sector's key events, not only to take part in them but also to keep abreast of the latest news. This editorial calendar lists the useful dates for...

Tendances recherches hotellerie Google

Trends in hotel searches on Google in 2023

What are the most typed searches in 2023 on Google in the hotel sector? What are the behaviors of Internet users and hotel customers? It is essential to know how tourists and business clients find...

hôtels préférés des français

France’s favourite hotels

According to a Statista survey, 33% of respondents choose hotels as their holiday accommodation. The hotel sector therefore accompanies many French people in their leisure time. Companies also...

Chiffres clés hotellerie 2021

Key figures for the hotel industry in 2021

Understanding how the French book and search for information about their hotels is essential to adapt to new behaviors and uses. After a difficult year for hoteliers, the slow recovery from the...