The French’s favourite restaurants and dishes in 2021

Which restaurants are popular with the French? Each year, several awards are presented to the restaurants that consumers prefer. Other studies look at the dishes that the French particularly like. Alioze summarizes the various rankings of the French people’s favorite restaurants in order to better understand consumers’ attachments and desires.


Tripadvisor’s top 2021 gourmet restaurants

The American travel platform ranks tourist locations around the world based on user reviews. It is the reference for finding the perfect place to eat when visiting a new region or city.

Each year, the website proposes the top of the top: the “Travelers’ Choice”. In the category of gourmet restaurants, here are the best high-end addresses listed in France:

  1. Restaurant La Maison d’à Côté, Montlivault
  2. Les Plaisirs Gourmands, Schiltigheim
  3. Auberge Du Vieux Puits, Fontjoncouse
  4. ASSA, Blois
  5. La Ville Blanche, Rospez
  6. La Maison des bois, Marc Veyrat, Manigod
  7. La marine, Noirmoutier-en-l’Île
  8. BLISSS, Mérignac
  9. The Auberge de la Brie, Couilly-Pont-aux-Dames
  10. Le Patio’Né, Aigues-Mortes


The French’s favourite restaurant chains

OC&C Stratégy, a London-based European consultancy, surveyed 40,000 consumers worldwide to give their opinions on more than 650 leisure brands. The 2019 study revealed the French people’s favourite restaurant brand among 107 fast food and takeaway brands as well as 140 pub and restaurant chains.

Top 3 restaurants

The favorite restaurant of the French is Big Fernand which is also 3rd in the world ranking, a victory for this 100% French burger restaurant. The cleanliness, the quality of the dishes as well as the service are emphasized. The friendliness of the staff is an essential point for the customers. The brand stands out from its competitors by highlighting the local products it works with and a typically French atmosphere.
Buffalo Grill and Léon de Bruxelles are in second and third place respectively.

Top 3 in fast food

In the fast-food and fast-food takeaway category, the brand most favoured by the French is Planet Sushi. The quality/price ratio and the speed of service are the two strong points of this chain. The French seem to be particularly fond of raw fish, as second place goes to Sushi Shop. The third place is occupied by Burger King.

More recently, EY-Parthenon, the global strategy consulting arm of Ernst & Young, unveiled its own ranking in which Mac Donald’s is featured. It even ranks fifth among the French people’s favourite brands, all categories included. Buffalo Grill in tenth place in 2020 and 2019 was ousted from the rankings by frozen food store Picard.

“Les Enseignes Préférées des Français” is organized by the Marketing media brand and conducted by EY-Parthénon. More than 50,000 consumers in Europe, including 8,000 in France, were questioned about 146 brands according to 14 assessment criteria.


Tastes and preferences of the French in terms of gastronomy

In 2021, in the age of covid, home delivery companies like Deliveroo and Ubereats have clearly capitalized on these dark times. This is the new trend in the cities where this kind of structure is established, delivering all the small dishes of the restaurant menus, for the greatest pleasure of the gourmets.

Deliveroo has revealed the top 10 most ordered dishes of the past year. This ranking reveals that the French, and especially city dwellers, like a diversified cuisine open to the world and dishes that are… fatty and not always balanced! Asian dishes were a big hit: nem, Korean chicken or ramen. At the top of the ranking, the mythical burger remains unchallenged. The cheeseburger from Le Ruisseau restaurant in Paris is the most ordered on the Internet. Mezzencore’s Chicken Chawarma is in second place. Another cheeseburger is on the third place of the podium, this one from 231 East Street in the city of Strasbourg.

So here are the top 10 most successful dishes in France in 2020 according to Deliveroo:

  1. Cheeseburger du Ruisseau, Paris
  2. Chicken Chawarma Pita, Mezzencore, Paris
  3. Cheeseburger, 231 East Street, Strasbourg
  4. Imperial Pies, Le Petit Cambodge, Paris
  5. Suppli buffalo mozzarella and tomato from Suppli Factory, Nantes
  6. The Beast by Kokomo, Bordeaux
  7. Korean fried chicken honey garlic menu from K-Town Street Food, Paris
  8. Big Fernand’s Bartholomé, Paris
  9. Shoyu Shina Chef of Kodawari Ramen, Paris
  10. Satay chicken from Street Bangkok, Paris

Knowing the most popular brands in the restaurant market is necessary to be able to position yourself against your competitors, but knowing the consumption habits of the French in terms of food is also essential to adapt to trends.

Alioze can help you with your positioning strategy and your web referencing.



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