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As its name suggests, Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is the advertising network set up by Google.

Both the most popular and the most effective SEA, Google Ads allows you to create text ads that will appear at the top of classic or local search results, to display graphic ads (banners) that will be displayed on other websites in the Google network or to create advertisements for YouTube.



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Successful SEA campaigns with Google Ads

Paid search via Google Ads offers your business, your e-commerce, your local business, your products, services or special operations immediate exposure to the view of Internet users.

In less than 24 hours, your ads can appear on the first Google search page or on other websites.

However, many companies have tested AdWords and then abandoned for reasons of lack of profitability or excessive volume of spending.

Indeed, Google Ads campaigns can prove to be profitable for a minimum of investment, on the only condition of being well mastered. The implementation of an advertising campaign on search, on the display network, on Google Maps or on YouTube indeed requires expertise and in-depth knowledge of Google’s mechanisms.

Our Google Ads services

After listening to and defining your objectives precisely, we define the keywords and configure your campaigns in order to limit clicks to Internet users in a state of active search for information, while controlling as much as possible your expenses.

  • Creation of text ads for search;
  • Creation of graphic ads for the display network;
  • Creation of remarketing campaigns;
  • Very advanced semantic study;
  • Audit of your current campaigns;
  • Creation, management and monitoring of your campaigns;
  • Creation and / or optimization of your landing pages;
  • Advice / training for the management and optimization of your campaigns;
  • Return on investment analysis;
  • Management and optimization of your budget;
  • A / B testing of your ads;
  • Advertising on Youtube videos;
  • Local referencing (Paris intra muros, Paris extra muros, province).

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