The French’s favourite cultural and leisure brands

It is difficult to determine which cultural brand is the favorite of the French. A world reference in terms of culture, France shines with the diversity and richness of its heritage, its artistic and musical scenes, and its cinema. It is interesting to know the habits and preferences of citizens when faced with the many possibilities. What are the French’s favourite cultural brands?


France’s favourite cultural shops

The strategy consulting firm, OC&C, conducts an annual ranking of the French people’s favourite companies. In December 2019, two cultural brands find a place in the top 10. The market leaders, Fnac and Cultura, are in 5th and 8th place respectively.

Preferred cultural activities

According to Yougov and an Omnibus study conducted in January 2020 among 1016 consumers, the French prefer to have fun rather than to be educated. Even if the French visit historical monuments, amusement parks remain the favourite leisure activity of the French.

Indeed, the favourite leisure activities of the French are :

  • amusement parks, 23%.
  • historical monuments, 18
  • animal parks, 17%.
  • music festivals, 10%.
  • museums and art foundations, 9%.
  • cultural festivals, 3%.

The most frequented festivals:

  • the Avignon Festival;
  • les Vieilles Charrues ;
  • Francofolies de la Rochelle ;
  • the Eurockéennes of Belfort ;
  • Solidays.

The monuments most visited by the respondents are all in Paris:

  • the Eiffel Tower;
  • the Louvre Museum ;
  • the Palace of Versailles ;
  • the Georges Pompidou Centre;
  • the Musée d’Orsay.


The cinemas adored by the French

The same firm OC&C Fundex delivers another ranking more specific to the leisure market. We will focus on the seventh art. The Gaumont Pathé group is the favourite of the French, just ahead of its competitor UGC. The two giants of the film industry are hard to separate. While UGC is present throughout the country with 40 cinemas and 441 screens, Pathé-Gaumont recorded 63 million admissions in 2018. The judging criteria were based on several elements: degree of entertainment, quality/price ratio, professionalism of the staff, atmosphere, etc.

Another survey by Mediamétrie, an audience research institute, delivered the 30 favourite cinemas of the French for the magazine Ecran total. Here are the Top 5:

  1. The Alhambra of Marseille
  2. Le Méliès in Montreuil
  3. Le Mégaram Angoulême, in Garat, Nouvelle-Aquitaine
  4. The Max Linder Panorama, in Paris
  5. The Sénéchal of Guéret

Several elements stand out in this ranking. First of all, local cinemas are the most popular. Second point: multiplexes are not the only winners. Even if they are well represented, it is the art house cinemas that are more popular, they are 20 out of 30 in the total ranking.

What about culture on the Internet?

Music and platforms

Culture musique plateforme internet


The market research company YouGov has released two studies that provide insight into the consumption habits of culture on the Internet. They rely on positive buzz and word of mouth on the web.

Music is now mainly listened to through music platforms, especially among millennials. The Top 3 most popular streaming brands for 18-34 year olds are:

  1. Spotify, on top of the podium;
  2. Deezer, in second place;
  3. Apple Music comes in third place.

However, it is worth noting that Deezer significantly increases its recommendation score in October 2020 from 10.6 to 22.5. It’s on par with Spotify. This can certainly be explained by the agreement between Deezer and Radio France which allows the platform to broadcast all the podcasts of the national media.

Another important element to highlight is the importance of Youtube. Indeed, 61% of young people who listen to music on Deezer also use Youtube.

Films and series

Another interesting Yougov study is the ranking of TV and video service brands. They took advantage of the 2020 health crisis and the resulting lockdowns. Here are the top 4 favourite brands of young French people aged 18 to 34:

  1. Netflix;
  2. Disney;
  3. Amazon Prime;
  4. Channel.

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