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A well-defined social media strategy gives your company the means to ensure an effective and consistent presence on social networks.

The implementation of a productive social media strategy requires a lot of investment, and not only concrete know-how, but also quality advice. It is better to be absent from social networks than to be present in a confused and hurried way in order not to degrade the image of your brand.

As a communication agency specialized in digital marketing and traffic acquisition, Alioze offers you support at every stage of your social media strategy.




How to build your social media strategy?

From Facebook to Instagram through Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitch and Pinterest, social networks offer your company the opportunity to improve its branding and image, while interacting with its customers.

Publishing content regularly and in an automated way is not enough, that’s why a good social media approach must be prepared beforehand. Even if all platforms tend to offer short video content also called snack-content (stories, reels, etc), algorithms differ according to the social network, as well as practices and codes. You can’t create the same type of content on Youtube and Instagram, or TikTok #maketiktok.

The Internet user is constantly solicited and will not hesitate to get rid of accounts that interfere with his information flow, hence the importance of organizing your social media strategy in order not to risk losing users along the way and not to alter the image of your company.
In order for the like magic to work, for comments to flow and for your content to be shared en masse, it is necessary to define a clear positioning to adopt on social networks. And to stick to it.

Managing and animating your social networks by regularly publishing original, impactful and engaging content takes time, often requiring the services of an expert social media agency with a true strategic vision.

Alioze, a social media expert



Our services in social media strategy

  • Operational monitoring and market research;
  • Positioning advice;
  • Creation of content (brand content, etc.) in text, visual, video or NFT for social networks;
  • Editorial planning / publication calendar;
  • Research, contact and set up of partnerships with influencers;
  • Community management;
  • Web marketing and advertising campaign;
  • Follow-up and qualitative adaptation of the strategy according to the analysis of the results.

Partnering with a social media agency includes both the creation of visual and video content and the interaction with Internet users.

Our strategic vision coupled with our expertise in creating textual and graphic content allows us to define a precise framework for your social media strategy, and to achieve quantitative as well as qualitative, conative, cognitive and/or financial results.

Whether you are looking to modernize your image, to conquer new audiences, to increase your popularity, whether you think of social networks as an extension of your website, whether they are used to ensure after-sales service, to build loyalty, to engage in dialogue or to build a new relationship with your customers, Alioze is the social media agency to turn to in order to define an effective strategy.


Advertising on social networks: fine-tuned targeting

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok or LinkedIn are now an integral part of the daily lives of several hundred million consumers, who spend more and more time on them.

More than 3 hours a day on all social networks combined: 53 minutes on Instagram, 48 minutes on TikTok, 34 minutes on Facebook, 31 minutes on Youtube, 15 minutes on Pinterest, 10 minutes on Linkedin, and 15 minutes on Twitter (2021 figures in France).

Thanks to powerful targeting tools, you have all the keys in hand to reach defined audiences with advertising, according to precise characteristics over relevant periods.

The main advantage of social ads is to be able to reach an audience according to users’ interests, but also according to precise socio-demographic and socio-professional criteria.

By crossing different targeting variables – age, gender, profession, category of interest or geographical location – it becomes possible to find your core target.

At Alioze, our mastery of social media allows us to analyze which Internet user profiles are the most receptive to your message, to adapt our communication accordingly, and to give priority to this or that social network according to the results in order to :

  • Develop your sales, your visibility and your notoriety.
  • Generate engagement.
  • Boost the download of a mobile application, a white paper, or other content.
  • Promote your company or your brand on social networks.
  • Broadcast commercial offers or special operations.
  • Increase traffic to your website / e-shop.


Alioze, the choice of a qualified agency for your social ads


Our social ads services

Depending on your company’s objectives, Alioze designs, sets up and manages different types of social ads:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • TikTok Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Pinterest Ads

Our panoramic vision of all aspects of communication and marketing allows us to imagine, design and optimize original and attractive social ads that will generate relevant leads.



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