The most beautiful luxury ads of the last few years

How to make a mark in our modern society where advertising is everywhere? Images, videos and commercials are part of everyday life. Companies need to provide more and more content, adapted to different formats, in order to appeal to consumers. Luxury brands are no exception to this reality. With sophisticated communication campaigns, Hollywood-style commercials and sometimes humour, some brands excel. Alioze offers you a top 5 of the most striking luxury ads of the last few years.

The funniest luxury ad: Chanel

The iconic brand Chanel has succeeded in opening the breach of humour in the very codified world of luxury. He had never before found a home there until 2018.
To take up the challenge, the winning duo Camille Cottin and Eloïse Lang were chosen to direct the J12 watch ad. Their careers had jumped thanks to the sketches of the Connasse on Canal plus. Syrus Shahidi, the male character, is the actor of the series Plan Heart visible on Netflix.

Two “Follow me…” video spots feature this couple. Camille Cottin plays a clumsy, fabulous and slightly crazy woman. The couple runs to see a movie at the cinema, late, and Camille slams the door in her friend’s face. Camille dives into the Seine from the top of a bridge to catch her water taxi. Two comical scenes with the main character being the timepiece on Camille’s wrist.




The world of luxury is still very present: the setting of the city of Paris, the black and white, the close-ups, but the offbeat discourse is totally surprising. The funny and strong heroine brings a new energy. Clara Luciani’s dynamic music, La Grenade, was also chosen for its hymn to femininity. An advertisement that finally addresses today’s Parisian women and not necessarily the clientele already conquered by Chanel.

The most playful campaign: Hermès

For its fashion communication campaign for the Spring-Summer 2018 collection, the luxury house Hermès keeps its so unique universe of graphic and sophisticated design.
Four game scenes are presented according to the Hermès product categories: silk, fashion, jewellery and tableware. The text “Fun Games” accompanies the brightly coloured pictures with geometric designs on a flat background. Games of words, shapes, colours, shadows and lights, children’s games, everything is joyful.


jeux droles hermes


The title is available in English and German. In English, the tagline “Play it like Hermes” suggests having fun. In German, “Komm, schau und spiele!” translates as come, look and play, another incentive to get active.

This tone is particularly aimed at millennials and uses the codes of social networks. It is no coincidence that the photographer for the campaign was 27-year-old Jack Davinson.
Hermes plays with images and words with ease. The communication agency Poudre aux yeux has chosen simple, but impactful words, in total adequacy with the images. The movement associated with the music draws the reader into a playful universe specific to the brand. Sober, pure and creative as we like it.

The one that makes us travel: The Cartier odyssey

Cartier’s Odyssey is one of the most beautiful luxury advertisements of recent years. The quality of its production earned it the Grand Prix Stratégies / Amaury Médias du luxe on its release date in 2012 and the Golden Lion for special effects at Cannes.

Accompanied by the Marcel and Publicis 33 agencies and directed by Bruno Aveillan, Cartier reveals its entire history through its icon, the panther. The viewer travels through the universe of the brand, tinged with the jeweller’s most beautiful pieces that punctuate the images. The film does not highlight a particular product, but the storytelling sublimates the brand in its entirety. He looks back on his influences and his travels. Magic and power are embodied by this panther whose story begins in Paris, then continues its journey around the world as the Cartier brothers did: in Russia, China and India. The music supports the emotional and epic side of this odyssey.



The jeweller’s communications are rare, so something grand and powerful was needed to make a mark. This film celebrated the 165th anniversary of Cartier. The passion had to be present throughout the 3.5 minutes broadcast on TV, cinema and the Internet in 15 different countries. The film took two years to make, and was shot over six months in five different countries for a total budget of 4 million euros. Three months after its release, the ad had already been seen by 160 million people.

The most classic ad: Dior

Marion Cotillard has been the muse of the Lady Dior bag for many years. Certainly the most striking campaign was the 2014 Enter The Game. To a song by Metronomy, the French actress is filmed in a beautiful modern villa with a pool. Sometimes lying on a Le Corbusier sofa, sometimes singing a song or a few dance steps, sometimes literally walking on water, the star embodies the role of this beautiful woman with charismatic power. Marion Cotillard co-directed the film with Eliott Bliss.



In a timeless and iconic setting, typical of the atmosphere of luxury advertisements, she bewitches with her performance in this Los Angeles villa. The sumptuous setting brings elegance and chic. The Dior codes are not lost in this ad: rooster’s foot, Lady Dior bag, play of light and shadow and mirror effects.

The craziest: Kenzo

Actress Margaret Qualley, daughter of the famous Andie MacDowell, is fantastic in the crazy Kenzo World ad. She walks out of the room at Lincoln Center in New York City where a gala dinner is taking place that seems to bore her to death. She then launches into a totally crazy tribal choreography that ends with a glide in a giant eye-shaped decoration.

The dance was designed by Ryan Effington to the music of Mutant Brain by Sam Spiegel.
Kenzo’s artistic directors, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, called on Spike Jonze to direct the ad. He offers here all his creative genius to illustrate the madness of the new perfume. Like deja-vu? The famous director had already made Christopher Walken dance in Fatboy Slim’s Weapon of Choice video.



With this ad, Kenzo confuses and surprises. Broadcast on the Internet, on TV and in cinemas, the film destroys all the codes and clichés of perfume communication campaigns. He frees himself from the shackles to bring madness and freedom.
As a UFO, it logically caused a buzz on social networks and the blogosphere. A month after its release in 2016, it had totaled over 17 million views. The company is continuing its momentum with a new dynamism and an increase in turnover since the arrival of the new directors.
While the advertisements of the 2000s were based on flowers such as the poppy, in a soft atmosphere with dreamy poetry, the turn here is 180°. The brand wants to modernize its image to renew its target and celebrate creativity and diversity.

Don’t hesitate to call on the expertise of Alioze if you too wish to create impactful advertisements in the luxury sector.




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