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The wine and spirits sector is no exception to the rule, it is now necessary to conquer the young people, the millenials as they are called, who can be found on the Internet and on social networks. The best way to reach them is through influencers. Considered as experts, they are prescribers who address their vast and loyal community. Here is a quick overview of the main wine and spirits influencers in France.


Cocktail Connaisseur

The couple Mel Harvey and Anthony Poncier make us travel. One lives in London, the other in Paris and when they are together they travel the world in search of the best cocktails.

The influencers started with a blog Le cocktail connaisseur on which they wanted to promote bartenders. A way to differentiate oneself by humanizing the moments lived in a bar. Portraits and interviews allow cocktail artists to express themselves.

Now on social media, they have over 16,000 followers on Instagram. They post photographs of cocktails seen from above to create a beautiful, colorful and gourmet feed.



Jacques Lacombe

Jacques Lacombe was born in Beaune, in the heart of the Burgundy vineyards. Since his early childhood, he has been immersed in the world of wine, surrounded by vines and in constant contact with professionals (winegrowers, oenologists, winemakers, restaurant owners, etc.).

He made his passion his profession and became an expert in wines, champagnes and spirits. As a consultant, he buys the best bottles and sells them. He has also created an e-commerce site Prestige Cellar. He is a reference in the world of wine influencing, for his expertise much appreciated by his 35,000 Instagram followers.




Emmanuel Delmas

Emmanuel is a sommelier. Although he has worked for great houses such as the Tour d’Argent or the Ducasse Plaza Athénée, he seeks, through his website, to popularize wine to make it accessible to the greatest number. His wish is to bring the winemaker and the buyer closer together.

He has become a media celebrity and is a regular guest on radio and television shows. He is also the author of the book WINES: Tasting Lessons.
Creating a partnership with this wine influencer will be a real asset for your visibility and brand image.



Marina Giuberti

Marina Giuberti is also a sommelier and a real business woman. She created the Divine Charonne and Divine Marais liquor stores in the heart of Paris and then the Divvino e-commerce site.

Brazilian, she arrived in Europe in 2006. She trained in Italy, her country of origin, in gastronomy and wine. She then completed her training in nutrition and sommellerie. She was also director of many restaurants in Rio, Italy and France.

On Instagram and Facebook, she delivers her opinions and expertise that influence over 65,000 fans. She wishes to transmit the unforgettable moments and emotions that are specific to tasting.



Wine Gini

Wine Gini aka Georgia Panagopoulou had to appear in the top of the wine and spirits influencers. With over 110,000 followers on Instagram, Wine Gini is new to the world of influence though.

After studying engineering in Greece, she took a master’s degree in wine management at the OIV (International Organisation of Vine and Wine), which enabled her to travel the world to discover grape varieties, vineyards and winegrowers.

She is a master of digital marketing and influence. She has created her own communication agency, which allows her to combine all her activities by interacting with her community.



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Julien Miquel

Julien Miquel is a great French influencer. After 10 years of experience in winemaking, he decided to use his know-how and knowledge to help the wine world.

In 2014, he set up a platform for the wine community to exchange and share. Everyone can present their activity. It won the award for best new wine blog 2015 by the Wine Blog Awards from the social wine site Vignerons.

Between Youtube, his blog, Instagram and other social networks, Julien influences thousands of people every day.


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Lucien and his wine

This Instagram account has a much smaller following than its peers, but is no less impactful with an engaged community. Lucien, Philibert and Mina are dogs, three balls that present bottles of wine in each shot. Behind this account is a young wine merchant from Bordeaux who shares her best finds, and she has a flair for it…


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