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Certain types of websites require custom developments.

When our customers tell us about their wish to find a provider capable of developing a platform that will hold the load and will be able to absorb large volumes of traffic and / or data, we generally direct them towards « specific dev ».




Our custom web development services

Alioze tailor-made any type of web platform:

  • CMS (content management system).
  • CRM (customer relationship management system).
  • Front-End.

Our team of developers combines technical skills specific to an SS2I with a pragmatic and creative vision for impeccable web developments.

Each of our developments is endowed with unique functionalities meeting the specificity of your needs.

Alioze, a custom web development expert



PHP or Node.js framework

For fast, organized web development and scalable, secure and reusable code, our developers work mainly in PHP, the language of choice for large-scale custom website development. We mainly use frameworks:

  • Symfony 2: open source MVC framework in PHP 5 which provides modular and adjustable functionalities to simplify and accelerate the development of quality applications
  • Zend Framework (ZF): framework for object-oriented PHP 5 offering the possibility of using MVC natively
  • Ruby on Rails, a fast and intuitive MVC framework.

Our team of developers also works with Node.js, considered to be the future of programming, via frameworks enabling the design of “new generation” websites / e-commerce and mobile applications:

  • Meteor.js: a full-stack framework designed to simplify the creation of web applications that synchronize in real time with the server.
  • Express.js: an open-source “micro-framework” under MIT license, particularly flexible.
  • React.js: a JavaScript library designed to facilitate the creation of single page web applications
  • Angular.js: an open-source JavaScript framework developed by Google for the creation of single-page web applications.



Need help with custom web developments?

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    TOP 10 PHP frameworks for web development

    • Symfony
    • Zend Framework
    • Laravel: fast and modular open-source web framework using the HMVC model
    • Phalcon: lightweight, particularly fast and complete framework written in C and added as a PHP module which provides all the functionality to develop projects of all sizes and complexities
    • Yii: framework focused on performance and development of scalable applications
    • Slim: lightweight, fast, open source framework focused on the PSR-7 standard
    • CakePHP: open source web framework
    • FuelPHP: powerful open-source web framework in HMVC to build projects of any size and complexity
    • Aura: a set of PHP libraries
    • CodeIgniter: lightweight, fast and easy to use framework using the MVC model



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