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Jewellery communication campaigns are obliged to make an impression in a highly competitive sector. Whether it is on television, the Internet, on the networks or through posters, some jewellery advertising campaigns manage to stand out thanks to their relevance and their perfectly targeted message. Check out the top jewelry ads of the past few years for inspiration and ideas.

The Cartier Odyssey

It’s impossible not to mention Cartier’s ad in the ranking of the best jewelry ads. The iconic French jewellery brand went all out to celebrate its anniversary. It took two years of work and 4 million euros to complete this magnificent advertising film. The long version of the spot (3.5 minutes), which was broadcast in both cinema and television, is one of the longest commercials ever produced.

The storyline follows the journey of the iconic panther, through different countries, in a fairy world. Between dream and reality, it retraces the history of the House of Cartier by highlighting the various jewels of the creator and the designs that inspired the company.

Van Cleef & Arpels

The year 2018 rings in the 50th anniversary of Alhambra. The Van Cleef & Arpels jeweller’s collection was created in 1968 and became the brand’s emblem. The pure and soft lines of the various mythical jewels are inspired by the four-leaf clover to offer happiness to whoever will be lucky enough to wear one of them.

The communication campaign aims to mark this anniversary. It is deployed in France and internationally. In a video spot, posters and a social media activation, the collection is sublimated in a calm and luminous setting where nature takes centre stage. The different colour variations of the ornamental stones, in the middle of the butterfly that is foraging, recall the beauty of the flowers and the softness of the petals.

The Mazarine agency signed this advert which reflects the creativity of the brand and reinforces the symbolism of the historic jewel. Luck is in the air.

What makes true love by Tiffany & Co

Tiffany & Co’s campaign, What makes love true, has been praised in the jewellery industry for its innovation. She told love stories through a website and app that recommended romantic places. A virtual universe that allows the consumer to immerse himself in a romantic atmosphere. The luxury brand wanted to offer Internet users an emotional, poetic and romantic experience, as love often guides the purchase of a jewel.

Images, videos, stories, advice, in short a bright, lively and immersive interface.

The Georgettes

Communications agency Marystone unveils a colourful 2021 advert for Georgettes, in the image of the bubbly brand. The Ardèche-based company is very young, barely 6 years old, but it is already a success in France and elsewhere. The concept is simple: customize your cuff. Each customer can create her own jewel. She can choose the type of bracelet, the finish, the color and the patterns.

The Georgettes thus realized their first big publicity that they wanted to be strong. This film is a success, full of life and colour. The spirit of the brand is well and truly embodied here by urban, free and dynamic women dancing to electro-swing music. The target is conquered. Women are seen and heard here, in all their creativity.

Directed by Matvey Fiks and Pierrette Diaz, this commercial was released in May. A campaign on social networks is also deployed with a well thought-out influence marketing.

Mai Troppo by Bulgari

Bulgari’s 2020 communication campaign doesn’t do things by halves. The Italian jewellery brand unveils not one, but three muse. Entitled Mai troppo (never too much in French), the two actresses Naomi Scott and Zendaya and the model Lily Aldridge are staged in monumental Roman settings. Architecture, sculpture and painting, the arts sublimate these portraits of elegant, sensual and powerful women, adorned with jewels from the jeweller.

A film, directed by Swedish photographer Johan Renck, pays tribute to Rome and the national identity of the brand, one of Bulgary’s strong concepts. It is also the exuberance, the singular and mysterious style of these women, erected as iconic Roman goddesses, that make the impact of this communication plan. The slogan inspires passion, glamour and epicureanism, “If you like it, it’s MAI TROPPO. If it makes you happy, it’s MAI TROPPO. If it makes you happy, it’s MAI TROPPO”.


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