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Developing artistic intuition

Writing content for the web requires the practice of a real gymnastic technique to find the right balance between quality and optimization of your SEO.

Good content marketing lies in a fluid writing style, SEO optimized and which facilitates the understanding of the reader. Writing content for the web requires the practice of a real technical gymnastics in order to find the right balance between quality and SEO optimization.

Good content marketing is a fluent writing style that is SEO-optimized and makes it easier for the reader to understand.

SEO writing: instructions

Your content is not an isolated piece of your marketing strategy. Inexistent, it becomes the missing piece of your communication puzzle, poorly mastered it serves all of your communication.

But placing words one after the other to form a sentence is not enough to grab the attention of internet users. Writing for the web cannot be improvised.

For your content to be visible on search engines, read, shared and appreciated, it must meet the needs and expectations of your customers.

In terms of writing, good content goes straight to the point and takes advantage of all the multimedia possibilities that the web offers. If the user is faced with a chunky block of text, he will never take the time to read it entirely to extract the information that interests him.

On your website, the message conveyed by the content must first arouse, then maintain the interest of your customer, in order to push him to continue his navigation. The dynamics of the text, the rhythm of the sequence of sentences or even the choice of words must be carefully weighed both for the reader and for SEO.

Impactful content involves:

  • Conciseness
  • Precision
  • Clarity
  • Accessibility

Syntax errors, typos in the text or poorly mastered punctuation penalize your positioning. Worse: they discredit you in the eyes of your customers.

Alioze, a multimedia writing expert


Our SEO web writing services

  • Content design for your website and harmonization of all supports;
  • Design of corporate, social, thematic content, etc. ;
  • Optimization of your content for natural referencing;
  • Support in your editorial strategy;
  • Writing of product sheets, e-commerce;
  • Rewriting of existing content;
  • Classic writing and layout;
  • Writing press releases;
  • Content Marketing.

The Alioze team of writers does not know the anguish of the blank page! We handle words with skill to capture the attention of your readership. Our ease of writing, inspired by our journalistic sensitivity and our literary fiber allows us to adapt our writing style to your target audience.

Our pen adapts to a whole palette of your editorial: humorous, poetic, sustained or offbeat.

We adapt the content we write to your objectives, your SEO, your positioning, your contacts, the image and the universe of your company and think your content in a complementary text, video, sound and image in order to get the best out Your message.


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