SEO best practices in 2023

SEO is a field that is constantly adapting and depends on the numerous updates of Google’s algorithms. It is therefore essential to remain attentive to the latest trends in natural referencing in order to modernize your digital strategy. Let’s take a look at the best SEO practices in 2023.

The quality of the contents, still and always…

The principle of E-A-T (expertise, authority and reliability) for search quality has recently been enriched with a fourth E for Experience. These factors are used to judge the relevance of content in order to improve the experience of Internet users. Quality remains a major element in the practice of SEO. With the development of ChatGPT which generates content automatically, Google will seek to strengthen its monitoring of the use of artificial intelligence. The idea remains to avoid the propagation of low quality texts. Regularly publishing articles with high added value allows you to stand out on search engines.

The use of internal and external links

Netlinking remains an unwavering technique of natural referencing. Thanks to internal links, the user experience and navigation are greatly improved. The concept of backlinking consists in multiplying the number of external incoming links. This meshing allows to boost the notoriety, the authority and the traffic of a website. In all cases, it is important to optimize the anchors so that they always seem natural and relevant.

The importance of semantic research

Understanding how and why Internet users search is essential to define the themes to develop. The content must provide them with information and answer their questions. The text will therefore be clear, interesting and easy to understand. The use of bulleted lists and the highlighting of important elements will undoubtedly contribute to semantic optimization.

Mobile compatibility

Faced with the increase in searches via a smartphone, the mobile compatibility of sites is more important than ever. Offering an optimal user experience with cell phones is therefore a priority. Google’s Mobile First Index explores the mobile version of a site to improve its “responsive design”.

Local referencing: a sure value

These queries take particular forms such as “locksmith + near me” or “hotel + city name”. Small and medium-sized businesses should therefore include local SEO in their SEO strategy to improve their visibility.

Optimization for voice searches

Popular and practical, voice search represents more than a quarter of all searches in France. Sites must therefore adapt to this reality by including long tail keywords. These keywords resemble the language used in everyday conversations. The use of terms such as “why, where, how, who, what” will therefore be favored.

Structure your data

A new practice has recently become widespread: 0 clicks. The Internet user is satisfied with the Google results page without accessing the referenced websites. If structured data is correctly interpreted by search engines, it provides immediate answers to users. Enriched snippets thus provide accurate information. These well-structured snippets of content are displayed near the title or description of the page. To increase the chances of appearing among the first results of a query, you can use semantic tags written in the HTML code of the page. Google’s robots particularly appreciate the organized nature of these rich snippets.

SEO practices must therefore adapt to the uses of Internet users, to the evolution of technologies, but also to the requirements of search engines whose goal is to improve the user experience.

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