Top searches for lawyers on Google in France

Since 1998, Google, one of the big five American companies, has been providing Internet users with a powerful search engine that is constantly improving.

Through heavy use of keywords and queries, trends emerge from this data. They allow companies to analyze user habits and subsequently adapt their SEO strategy.

Do you want to create SEO optimized content for your practice? To do this, it is necessary to identify the most sought-after keywords for lawyers. Furthermore, the trends of the last few years concerning the legal sector will help you to better understand the intentions of Internet users.

Add another string to your bow by consulting the top searches for lawyers and related trends on Google in France.


Famous lawyer in Google’s top ten

In the category of the most searched political figures on Google in 2020, we find in 8th position the lawyer Éric Dupont-Moretti. This result is between Patrick Devedjian in 7th place and Kamala Harris in 9th place.

Why does this lawyer rank among the most typed keywords on Google in 2020? Nicknamed
because of his numerous victories in the assize courts, this legal professional was appointed Minister of Justice on July 6, 2020. Aged 59, the tenor of the bar thus comes to replace Nicole Belloubet in this position.
This appointment to the government was not viewed favourably by the judiciary, who point to the lawyer’s atypical and divisive personality.

His nomination aroused great interest among the French: the volume of searches was so great that the query Dupont-Moretti is in the top 10 Google trends in 2020.


Trends of the year: travel certification in the top 5

When discussing the subject of justice, it is legitimate to look at the rights of citizens. After all, France has been considered the home of human rights since 1789!
Due to the health crisis, the personal freedoms of the French have been considerably reduced in 2020. During the periods of confinement, only travel for valid reasons with a certificate was allowed.

This famous document can be presented to law enforcement in three different formats: digital, printed or handwritten. The request ” covid certificate “ query is therefore in 2nd position in all categories in the year’s trends. A variant of this query is found in 6th place: “smartphone travel certificate”.

There are several reasons for this ranking:

  1. to download a model of this certificate on the site of the Ministry of the Interior, Internet users preferred to use Google for simplicity;
  2. This new way of moving around took time to adapt, and the research was aimed at finding out about it;
  3. In a democratic country, the implementation of confinement and restrictions on freedoms has been the subject of all sorts of reactions on the web.

The indispensable travel certificate is therefore in the top 5 trends on the French people’s favourite search engine!


Queries and topics associated with the legal profession in 2020

Between December 2019 and December 2020, some queries have increased significantly in terms of search frequency around the keyword

According to the Google Trends analysis tool, two top 5 queries on these criteria are related to the list of topics associated with them: the lawyers’ strike and the case concerning the murder of Alexia Daval.




A reminder of the facts concerning the lawyers’ strike: during the first quarter of 2020, hundreds of professionals had mobilized in Paris to protest against the reform impacting their retirement.
About the Daval case: Jonathan Daval’s lawyer, Maitre Randall Schwerdorffer, made headlines in October 2020 after being accused of violating attorney-client privilege.

These high-profile cases have aroused the curiosity of Internet users, leading to an increase in the frequency of searches.

Seasonal variations in the search for divorce lawyers
If the spring and summer seasons are frequently chosen to get married, a seasonality would also exist for separations!
A study published on the Village Justice website highlighted the spikes in Google searches for divorce lawyers between 2012 and 2014.


tendances recherches avocat divorce


This survey reveals that during this period, queries around the topic “divorce lawyer” were most frequently generated in the months of May and September.
Conversely, search trends were down during the summer holidays and in the run-up to the end of the year.
Although each query generated on this topic does not necessarily involve initiating divorce proceedings, it does reflect the intentions of Internet users.

In terms of SEO, these analyses are therefore very valuable data. Indeed, it is clearly preferable to publish content that is in line with search trends… hence the need to design a scalable and adaptable editorial planning!

The services offered by Alioze, SEO agency specialized for lawyers:

  • analyze trends in the legal industry ;
  • create relevant and optimized content for natural referencing;
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