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Choosing an agency for the acquisition of digital traffic is a major challenge for those who wish to acquire new customers and better orient their conquest strategy in order to gain productivity and conversion rates.

Alioze is an agency expert in traffic acquisition. Our team of traffic manager, SEO, marketer, UX designer and community manager reveals your potential through a traffic acquisition strategy based on strong axes in a logic of return on investment and controlled budget.

Our agency supports many profiles of companies from various activity sectors in their traffic acquisition.


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Our range of traffic acquisition services


Search engine optimization – SEO
(indexing & ranking)

In the broadest sense, SEO allows, through the optimization of many criteria, the improvement of your positions in Google index and more generally in search engines.

Search engine optimization is the keystone of any success on the Internet and in web to store. If you want to drain traffic and give more visibility to your brand, your website or your social networks, it will be imperative to place SEO at the heart of your strategy. This axis requires work over an extended period, persistence and a real “political” will within your company.

The “magic” recipes offered by Alioze are very complete formulas that produce effects on the medium and long term. Strong levers will trigger immediate results (15 days to 2 months) in SEO, but these will also have to be accompanied by actions over a longer duration.



Advertising on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn
(social ads)

In addition to SEO and the creation of Google Ads campaigns, social ads are proving to be a very effective tool to promote your business, disseminate your commercial offers to a qualified audience or to increase traffic to your website / e-commerce.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter ads help build engagement and call to action by reaching a target defined by specific criteria.



Google Ads campaigns – SEA
(search, display, shopping)

Alioze offers cutting-edge solutions for creating, managing and piloting your online advertising campaigns. Visibility and conversion objectives are placed at the center of the conquest strategies that we are implementing.

We set up your campaigns on the search network and on display (banners) and also manage your retargeting and YouTube campaigns.



Social media strategy

The acquisition of traffic is undoubtedly linked to a social media strategy that is both strong and consistent across all social networks. This is different from buying media, buying fans or other paid strategy. Successfully conquering and retaining a first community of fans is an essential step.

For larger brands that already have a larger fan base, we are implementing a tailor-made strategy in order to achieve our distribution objectives.



Native advertising (Outbrain)

Native advertising is a particularly effective advertising format in terms of targeting. By integrating with the editorial content of major national and international media, the native advertisements make it possible to better capture the attention of Internet users already in an active search for information.

From writing to graphic production, including the selection of media and themes to sponsor, Alioze supports you throughout the implementation of your native advertising campaigns with Outbrain.



Behavioral analysis

Google Analytics and other behavioral data collection tools offer the possibility of understanding the expectations of Internet users on a website. By identifying the elements that hinder the browsing of Internet users and block their journeys, it is thus possible to perfect its marketing approach to the customer.



Competitive Intelligence

E-reputation, innovation, trends, influencers: a good sectoral and competitive strategic watch allows you to make the right decisions with a perfect knowledge of the internal and external elements that make up your economic environment.



Predictive Semantics

A words and languages lover, Alioze specializes in semantic and predictive semantics, the future of the Internet. Our powerful software allows us to predict the desires and needs of a target clientele for ultra-optimized SEO and unprecedented and sustainable marketing growth results.



Market Research

Each economic environment is unique and has its own players, characteristics and developments. Market research helps guide your strategic choices in the face of a constantly changing market. By identifying the weaknesses, strengths and skills of your company and competitors, you can adapt your positioning or adopt a strong and differentiated position.



Tagging Plan

To analyze the performance of their website, the majority of e-merchants use the statistics and metrics available by default in Google Analytics (or other tracking tool). But this data is too limited to effectively analyze customer behavior or the performance of your different acquisition channels. The tagging plan allows you to track more specific data in order to refine and refine your marketing strategies and your website.



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