Acceleration of targetted traffic

Every business is looking to acquire new clients, or to improve its acquisition strategy in order to make gains in productivity and conversion rates.

Alioze identifies your strengths and weaknesses and revamps your sales points, both online and offline, to reveal your potential via an acquisition strategy which has a strong basis, focusing on a return on your investment and a well controlled budget.

We are Alioze, agency specialised in traffic acquisition
  • Natural indexing (SEO or organic) : in the broadest sense, natural indexing improves your positioning in the Google index and more generally speaking in search engines. The notion of indexing regroups many different criteria and professions. Indexing is the cornerstone of any online success. If you want to generate traffic and create more visibility for your brand, it is imperative that you place SEO at the centre of your strategy. This requires work over the long term, it needs perseverance and a true desire at the heart of your business.
    The “magic” formulas which Alioze propose Predictive semantics, competitive intelligence, market research and behavioural analysis are extremely exhaustive and will continue to produce an effect over the medium and long term.
    Strong leverage will provide immediate effects in indexing (from 2 weeks to 2 months), but it must also be accompanied by long term action as well.


  • Social media strategy : in general organic indexing is connected to a strong social media strategy. This must be differentiated from media buying, fan buying, or any other payment strategy. Succeeding in conquering and retaining the loyalty of a core community of fans is an essential step. For larger brands who already have a greater fan base, we will use a tailor-made strategy to attain our outreach goals.


  • Google Adwords certified agency : Alioze offers pinpointed solutions to create, manage and steer your campaigns. At the centre of the acquisition strategy, thanks to Adwords, are the main objectives of visibility and conversions. We put your campaigns into action through search engines and also with display banners. “Ads which follow you everywhere” is how we describe retargeting, a function that is also available and managed by the Alioze team.

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