Luxury: the giants Richemont and Kering launch the Watch & Jewellery Initiative 2030...

Cartier, a flagship of the Richemont Group, and the luxury goods group Kering are inviting brands in the watch and jewelry sector to reduce their carbon emissions by launching the Watch &...

Top publicités joaillerie

Top jewelry ads

Jewellery communication campaigns are obliged to make an impression in a highly competitive sector. Whether it is on television, the Internet, on the networks or through posters, some jewellery...

Top 7 des influenceuses joaillerie

Top 7 jewellery influencers

Jewelry influencers have a lot of power. Whether they're putting up videos on YouTube, writing on their blogs or sharing their best photos on Instagram, they've managed to build a loyal community...


Jewellery marketing calendar 2021

The publication calendar is the essential tool that allows you to group together all the key dates and unmissable events in the jewellery industry. If you are a communicator in the jewellery sector,...


France’s favourite jewellery brands

Jewellery is a true tradition of craftsmanship in France and its know-how is recognized throughout the world. The French know this and take advantage of it. They are the first customers of jewelry...

tendances recherche joaillerie Google

Trends in jewellery searches on Google in 2023

What are the most typed jewelry queries in 2023 on Google? What are the behaviors of Internet users and jewelry customers? As a professional in the jewellery industry, you need to know the customer...

Les chiffres clés de la joaillerie en 2021

Key figures for the jewellery industry in 2021

The Francéclat Observatory and Panel 5 have released the latest key figures for the jewellery industry. The unprecedented crisis of 2020 has had a huge impact on the sector. What impact has it had...