French people’s favourite schools and courses

What are the favourite schools of the French? Through several surveys and polls, you will find out which schools recruiters rate as the best, what students think of their schools, a top list of language schools and online training platforms. Elements that can help you to see more clearly to work on your image and your notoriety.


French schools preferred by recruiters

From the point of view of companies and future recruiters, what about the ranking of schools? Every year, Times Higher Education publishes a ranking of 250 schools and universities worldwide according to their “employability”. In 2020, 18 French courses are doing well.

Emerging surveys just under 9,000 professionals from a variety of business units, sizes and industries. They were asked to answer a single question by ranking the best institutions in terms of employability from a list of 250 institutions.

The French schools preferred by recruiters are :

  • CentraleSupélec, in 22nd place;
  • HEC Paris, in 24th position;
  • Polytechnique, in 30th;
  • ENS, in 34th place;
  • Emlyon, in 36th place.


French students’ favourite schools

On the Internet, there is a plethora of school rankings based on educational level, performance and prestige. The ChooseMyCompany platform offers a completely different ranking based on student happiness. The HappyAtSchool label focuses on the development and satisfaction of students and values schools and universities for their happiness.

ecoles preferees etudiants français

Here is the ranking of the favorite schools of French students.

Top 3 business schools :

  • Audencia, recommended by 90% of its students;
  • Ieseg in second place;
  • Burgundy School of Business in third place.

Top 3 engineering schools

  • Polytech, Nice-Sophia ;
  • ESPCI Paris ;
  • UniLaSalle.

It may be interesting to compare the latter information with that of Parcoursup. The engineering schools most in demand by the S final year students in 2020 are INSA and Polytech. They both occupy the top 19 positions in different cities in France. UTC is in 20th position.

For universities, the ranking is less surprising. The most famous Parisian universities are on the podium:

  • Sciences Po ;
  • University of Paris-Dauphine ;
  • University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.

The top 3 specialised masters of the HappyAtSchool label :

  • Sup de Vente ;
  • Euridis Business School ;

If ChooseMyCompany is not interested in the results performance to evaluate these different schools and universities, how are these rankings defined? Students judge their institutions on five criteria:

  • facilities ;
  • the environment ;
  • the level of education ;
  • student life ;
  • links with business and confidence in the future.

Student recommendations carry a lot of weight, as does the participation rate. The school or university must meet a maximum number of criteria and have a minimum of 70% support and 20% membership to obtain the label.

A total of 6,530 students were surveyed about their institutions. Overall trends emerge.

  • 94% are happy to connect with peers.
  • 91.6% are confident about their professional future and finding their first job.
  • Concerning the teaching, only 76.2% are satisfied, because they denounce the lack of practice and too theoretical courses.
  • Only 69.5% approve of the institutions’ environmental commitment. Many students would like to see more involvement from their school.

These rankings, which do not take prestige into account, will certainly lead the grandes écoles to include the happiness of their students in their priorities.


The Top of the favorite language schools of the French

Every year, Capital offers a ranking of the best personal service companies. In 2021, the Statista research institute questioned 20,000 French people online about their favourite brands, and 392 were selected.

The favourite language schools of the French are :

  • Instituto Cervantes ;
  • Goethe Institute ;
  • Victoria’s English.

The most popular tutoring companies in France are :

  • Keepschool;
  • Acadomia ;
  • Domicours.


The best e-learning platforms

The market for online education is growing. It is now estimated at $190 billion and is growing at a rate of 7% per year. Online learning platforms are great tools for taking advantage of cultural offerings. In 2021, in the age of coronavirus, online instruction has never made more sense. Let’s mention the most famous and successful ones.

meilleures plateformes apprentissage en ligne


  • Coursera
  • Learning LinkedIn
  • SkillShare
  • EDX
  • MOOC
  • Udacity
  • Docebo

According to the website, Udemy is in the lead, followed by Coursera and Open Classrooms.
Coursera is an American platform that has been around since 2012. As a leader in e-learning, it has 37 million members and works with 150 international universities. She gives us the 10 most popular MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) among the 2,700 courses:

  1. Machine learning from Stanford University is about new technologies.
  2. Becoming an entrepreneur of change proposed by the HEC school
  3. Learning how to learn by the University of California San Diego to understand how the brain works.
  4. Neural Networks and Deep Learning – on artificial intelligence.
  5. Succeeding in change – ESSEC Business School
    The French are not only looking for the best education, they are also looking for change.


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