Instagram guides: a powerful tool for your social media marketing

What is an Instagram Guide?


Instagram Guides appeared two years ago to meet a simple need of users: to gather several contents around the same theme.

Just like a folder in a paper magazine, it is possible to gather health and wellness tips, or create a tutorial within the same post. Each of these contents links to a traditional Instagram page that allows the user to buy the product or service proposed, directly on the platform.

This feature therefore offers companies very interesting marketing opportunities. Thanks to these Guides, a brand can position itself on Instagram with more in-depth content: posts that are longer than a simple photo, folders, personalized captions and, above all, direct links to trigger the purchase of a product or service.

Instagram describes this new option available to every account as a way to “make it easier to discover recommendations, tips, and other content curated by creators, public figures, organizations, and influencers.



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A guide shared by Red Bull (@redbull)


What are the different types of Instagram Guides?


Whether you’re a brand, an influencer, or a public figure, the feature is easy to understand for any type of user. There are three categories of Guides: products, places and publications.

  • Places: the “places” Guide is for brands in the tourism or restaurant industry. It will look like a tourist guide with good deals, monuments to visit, restaurant recommendations, such as “The 5 museums to visit in Florence“.
  • Products: the Guide will propose a theme and each of the posts will then direct the user to the product’s Instagram page so they can click directly to buy it. A cosmetics brand could publish a Guide “How to wear makeup for December 31?
  • Publications: this Guide allows you to gather around a single theme a set of Instagram publications that your brand recommends, each of which can be accessed individually by the user: “Our favorite vintage furniture accounts

These are all ways to promote a brand in a creative way, and to send the user to the purchase page of the targeted product or service each time, without them leaving the application to acquire the product or service.


A real asset for brands’ social media communication on Instagram


The creation of Instagram Guides is part of an impactful social media marketing strategy whatever your objectives are:

  • Expand the audience: the brand can aim at specific targets by tailoring each Guide to a particular type of customer.
  • Allow users to spend more time on the brand’s page: by adding depth to the content, followers stay on the page instead of searching for the right products.
  • Appear faster in search results: Instagram has updated its search functions since the addition of the Guides feature. No more typing in a hashtag or brand name: a simple keyword can land the user on the Guide that matches their search.
  • Create a connection with the user: giving tips, tricks and recommendations allows to create more interactions with the followers.
  • Generate engagement: with this new feature, users can share their favorite Guides, in addition to stories or individual posts.

Instagram Guides allow the brand or influencers to interact even more with their followers, generating more elaborate content: a new territory to explore for influencer marketing on social networks.


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