Performance Max - Google Ads

Performance Max: the new Google Ads campaign for advertisers

Available for all advertisers, Google Ads Performance Max campaigns allow you to develop your performance on all Google channels (YouTube, Search, Gmail, Discover, Display Network, Maps...). This...

Métavers Time Magazine

The metaverse on the cover of Time magazine!

Considered as one of the most influential on the international scene, Time magazine reaffirms its interest in the metaverse by dedicating its front page to this subject and its stakes. A few weeks...


Fashion: How social networks have revolutionized trends 2022-2023

If the fashion houses' shows were still dictating the fashion trends, Tik Tok and Instagram have now taken over. Fashion week has long remained a source of inspiration for the street. The collections...


Metaverse: the future of advertising?

The virtual world of the metaverse promises to revolutionize advertising. For example, traditional campaigns would be replaced by an immersive 3D experience. While some brands are still reluctant to...


Metavers: the future of human resources for recruitment?

Thanks to its numerous applications in the recruitment process, the metaverse appears to be a tool of the future for HR. This fictional three-dimensional universe offers total immersion in the form...

La beauté du futur

The beauty of the future at Vivatech

At VivaTech 2022, beauty and cosmetics were in the spotlight with a 325 square meter booth for L'Oreal. The brand unveiled its new immersive experiences to present the beauty of the future. Halfway...

La beauté et le web3

Beauty: luxury brands launch into the Web3

Aware of the progression of Web 3.0, major luxury and beauty brands such as Givenchy and Yves Saint Laurent are affirming their pioneering spirit by unveiling their very first NFT...

Métavers et luxe

Metaverse: Zuckerberg takes on the big luxury brands

After fashion, the metaverse and its most famous representative, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, is now tackling the world of luxury! The founder of Facebook met with Leonardo Del Vecchio, founder...

digital dans la mode et le luxe

Focus on the advent of digital content in the world of luxury and fashion

On the occasion of the e-P Summit, the forum dedicated to fashion and technology organized by Pitti Immagine on May 4 and 5 in Florence, the world of luxury and fashion returned to the importance of...

Santexpo 2022

SantExpo 2022: what will be the hospital of tomorrow in Europe?

On May 17-18-19, 2022, the 56th edition of SANTEXPO will take place, the annual meeting of the hospital digital health sector, with 600 exhibitors (equipment manufacturers, software publishers,...

Label cosmétiques

Natural cosmetics: overview of labels and certifications

Consumer interest in green and natural beauty has never been stronger. But between marketing and real certifications, it is important to ensure that organic cosmetics meet certain regulations. Zoom...


G-Beauty: the new skincare trend? – Agency focus

A new phenomenon of clean beauty is making its appearance in beauty routines. After clean beauty, inspired by K-beauty, it's now the turn of G-Beauty, or "German beauty" to make the most of German...


NFTs take on Instagram and Facebook platforms

NFTs continue to be deployed on the web. Now it's the turn of social networks to join the trend. The Meta Group has announced the arrival of these digital assets on its social networks Instagram and...

Enchères NFT

NFT: the first auction in France

The Fauve Paris auction house organised, for the first time in France, an NFT auction. This event follows the new law published in the Official Journal, authorising auction houses to offer virtual...


Clean beauty: the new cosmetic trend?

In the big family of cosmetics, some new ones are appearing with more sustainable, organic and natural formulas. These are powder beauty products, part of the clean beauty movement. The boom in...

Facebook News France

Meta: Facebook News has arrived in France

Facebook News is gradually coming to France, after being launched in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Australia. It is a news feed reserved for media content. Its deployment began...


Twitter, Facebook, Slack… Social networks imitate Clubhouse with audio chat

The popularity of Clubhouse has not gone unnoticed in the social media world. Social networking giants such as Twitter, Slack, LinkedIn and Facebook are seizing on the live chat model to compete with...

Micro influenceur

Micro-influencer: the ideal choice for your influence marketing

Whether it's luxury, fashion, health, food or culture, the micro-influencer is now among the major players on social networks. Present on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or TikTok, these...

Chiffres Youtube

YouTube: 2023 key figures & trends

A great marketing tool, video is one of the most popular formats on social networks, both for brands and users. This is because audiovisual content arouses a strong interest among Internet users and...

Guide Instagram Marketing

Instagram guides: a powerful tool for your social media marketing

What is an Instagram Guide?   Instagram Guides appeared two years ago to meet a simple need of users: to gather several contents around the same theme. Just like a folder in a paper...