Metavers: immersive ads from 2023?

The famous video game Roblox renews its financial strategy by deploying immersive ads in a metaverse manner. These ads, integrated directly into the game from 2023, should represent an important diversification of revenues. Does the potential of interactive advertising offer opportunities that brands should seize quickly?


Roblox to develop immersive advertising in 2023

A massively multiplayer video game, Roblox is a sandbox game. The avatars evolve without strict guidelines, in an open world. This concept is obviously similar to that of the metaverse and its multiple possibilities for interactive advertising. Faced with a downturn in the brand, the developers have therefore unveiled a new strategy: deploying immersive advertising. The public will be able to combine virtual and real consumption. This experimentation will take the form of portals into which the player can enter. They will discover virtual communities or spaces dedicated to partner brands. Manuel Bronstein, product manager at Roblox, has however specified during the annual conference of developers that the label remains attached to the virtual currency. Based on the principle of NFT (non-fungible tokens), this crypto-currency is the main source of revenue for the group. However, online ads represent a strategic bet for which Roblox will have to convince investors.


Advertising in the metaverse: a springboard for businesses?

In the field of advertising, the metaverse represents a new frontier. Over the past few months, agencies have been investing in these parallel worlds, spaces that are both transitory and have a large audience. This universe populated by avatars opens new perspectives for brands. Immersive experiences will bring real added value to the advertising message. The potential is immense, especially to reach a young audience that is hostile or indifferent to traditional advertising. If the technical aspects and the cost of the equipment still slow down the development of this 360° world, it is still a fertile ground for advertising campaigns. Moreover, it allows to transmit a modern, creative and particularly innovative brand image. Content can be targeted to an audience based on age, gender, social interactions, interests or places visited in these virtual futures. By erasing some of the limitations of traditional marketing, the metaverse is emerging as a future solution for advertising campaigns. Companies that position themselves now on this means of communication will have a serious head start on their competitors.

A privileged playground for some brands, the metaverse promises to revolutionize advertising. Are immersive ads the future of marketing campaigns? In any case, web3 is already starting to change the game.


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