Capgemini partners with Unity on metavers

IT giant Capgemini is showing its ambitions for the metaverse by signing a partnership with Unity. The latter specializes in the creation and management of three-dimensional content in real time. The two companies intend to offer customized solutions to each client.


Three application areas in Web 3

By partnering with Unity, Capgemini hopes to complete its service offering. Three classes of metaverse usage have been identified by the group:

  • customer experience in retail (games, virtual events, shopping, social interactions, etc.)
  • the employee experience with more humanized and interactive collaborative solutions;
  • industrial uses, across all sectors, with the development of digital twins designed to optimize productivity and facilitate innovation.


Capgemini sets up its Metaverse-Lab

In parallel to its union with Unity, the French company is setting up its own Research & Development laboratory called Metaverse-Lab. The main objective is to gather research projects concerning immersive and 3D technologies. The latter remain essential to the creation of virtual universes, but also to the implementation of cryptocurrency and NFT (non-fungible tokens). This new era of the Internet is indeed seducing more and more companies that dare to take the step of Web 3. The sector offers a multitude of digital possibilities that both companies want to deploy on a large scale.

While the standardization of the metaverse is still in its infancy, Capgemini intends to make its mark in structuring Web 3 through its partnership with Unity.


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