11 Insights to improve your site’s user experience in 2023

Optimizing a website requires taking into account so many elements that we sometimes forget how important it is that users have the best possible experience once they arrive on the website... Yet,...


Top Influencers for Children and Families

Do you work for a child and family brand? Looking for an easy way to communicate with parents? Collaborating with a mom or dad influencer is a real asset for your digital marketing. This allows you...

Les Marques préférées de l’Enfance et de la Jeunesse

Favourite brands for children and youth

What are the French people's favourite childhood brands? Surveys conducted by market research and marketing companies allow us to find out what families think about their favourite brands. The...

tendances recherches culture google france

Trends in cultural searches on Google France

The Covid and the confinements have upset the habits of the French. The ways of working and communicating have changed, as well as the way of cultivating oneself. If music, literature and cinema have...

Marques immobilieres preferees français

The French’s favourite real estate brands

When the time comes to sell or buy a property, various questions arise: should you go through a real estate agency or through several? In this case, which ones to choose? Why not try to sell the...

top influenceurs luxe france

Top luxury influencers in France

Traditionally, in influencer marketing, luxury companies use celebrities to represent their brand. However, the sector's brands now want to conquer the younger generation, which is the consumer of...

Immobilier campagnes communication publicites

Real estate : the most beautiful communication campaigns and advertisements of these last...

Some advertising campaigns are remembered for a long time because of the way they capture attention. In a sector as competitive as real estate, which companies and real estate agencies have managed...

top requetes luxe google france

Top luxury searches on Google in France

True leader of the Internet, Google dictates its law in the rules of referencing and the quest for the Grail: the first page of the search. When you want to increase your visibility, it is essential...

Top 5 des influenceurs immobilier en France

Top 5 real estate influencers in France

Thanks to their charisma, their energy or their willingness to pass on their knowledge, certain public figures stand out in the real estate field. This sector has also joined the era of...

marques luxe preferees français

The French’s favourite luxury brands

What are the French's favourite luxury brands? It is difficult to answer this question because of the severe lack of consumer surveys. In order to evaluate luxury companies, several platforms have...

Chiffres cles immobilier 2020

Key figures for the real estate market in 2021

Like many other sectors affected by the crisis, the real estate market has not been spared. After a first confinement paralyzing the real estate activity and making impossible any transaction, a...

calendrier marketing luxe 2021

Luxury 2021 Marketing Calendar (Key Dates and Events)

The publication calendar lists events and days not to be missed in the luxury sector. For communication professionals, this is essential for building a useful content strategy for social media, blog...

top des influenceurs beaute france

Top 5 beauty influencers in France

Beauty influencers have a lot of power. The impact they have on their wider community is an essential element for companies in the sector to take into account. They are listened to daily by their...

marques alimentaires preferees français

France’s favourite food brands

Which food brands do the French prefer? Every year, different studies are conducted to find out the answer to this question. Several methods are used to find out everything about the tastes and food...

calendrier marketing beaute 2021

Beauty marketing calendar 2021 (key dates and events)

A publication calendar is an essential tool to base your beauty marketing strategy and your communication plan. It allows you to group together the dates and events of the year. You will be able to...

top recherches google france 2020

Top food searches on Google in France

Internet users are very interested in gastronomy. The proof is in the pudding: "Food and drink" is the third most searched topic on Google. In order to adapt the SEO strategy of your food brand or...

plus belles publicites beaute de ces dernieres annees

Beauty: the most beautiful communication campaigns and advertisements of recent years

Companies must constantly reinvent themselves to stand out from the crowd and make an impression on consumers. The beauty and cosmetics sector, which is highly competitive, cannot escape the need to...

calendrier marketing food 2021

Food Marketing Calendar 2021 (key dates and events)

The food marketing calendar lists all the important dates in the gastronomic and culinary sector. If you are a professional in the sector, this tool is essential for you to develop your communication...

couleur année 2021 Pantone

Colors of the year 2021 according to Pantone: A mouse gray and a bright yellow

At the same time every year, the Pantone company unveils the highly anticipated color of the year. The particularity of 2021 ? The brand is deviating from its usual: it is not one, but two colors...

marques beaute preferees français 2020

France’s favourite beauty brands

What are the expectations of the French for beauty products? Which cosmetic, skincare or make-up do they prefer? Some brands manage to slip into the top positions of the podium thanks to a strong...