Instagram NFT Polygon

NFTs are coming to Instagram via Polygon

At its Creator Week event, Meta announced that Instagram would soon allow content creators to produce and sell NFTs. Described as digital collectibles, these virtual items are effectively...


Will Web3 revolutionize the luxury sector?

Following the Covid crisis, the luxury sector has adapted by seizing the opportunities of Web3. NFT, metavers, blockchain are all technologies that have broadened the horizons of the biggest houses....

TikTok et le e-commerce

The TikTok application takes on e-commerce

Following an announcement published by TikTok on the professional social network LinkedIn, it appears that the Chinese application would seek to launch into e-commerce. Would the ambition of the...

NFT et santé

Health: NFTs for the medical sector

A true certificate of authenticity, the NFT appears to be a particularly reliable dematerialized medium, whose uses could be extended to the healthcare field. The content of this non-fungible token...


Web3 to fight against global warming?

The exploitation of the various technologies inherent to the Web3 could allow to act effectively against global warming. This observation led to the creation of the Crypto Sustainability Coalition by...

Dépenses santé 2021-2022

Healthcare: historic growth in medical spending in 2021-2022

The medical community is showing a historic increase in healthcare spending in 2021-2022. With +7.9% of consumption of care and medical goods (CSBM), this increase in activity is explained by a...

Roblox : publicité immersive

Metavers: immersive ads from 2023?

The famous video game Roblox renews its financial strategy by deploying immersive ads in a metaverse manner. These ads, integrated directly into the game from 2023, should represent an important...

Stella Mc Cartney et Lvmh

Stella McCartney and LVMH launch a conscious luxury beauty line

Designer Stella McCartney will launch her own "conscious luxury" beauty line in September, in collaboration with LVMH. This new brand of responsible cosmetics, named STELLA, corresponds to the values...

TikTok stories : Instagram et Facebook

TikTok: Tiktok Stories available on Facebook and Instagram

Tiktok recently confirmed to the web news specialist TechCrunch the launch of its new feature. It will allow its users to post their Tiktok Stories on Meta social networks: Facebook and Instagram. It...

Horizon Worlds métavers France

Horizon Worlds: Meta’s metaverse comes to France

Since Tuesday, August 16, 2022, the metaverse of the company Meta (formerly Facebook) has arrived in France under the name Horizon Worlds. This parallel universe offers professional meetings, games...


Capgemini partners with Unity on metavers

IT giant Capgemini is showing its ambitions for the metaverse by signing a partnership with Unity. The latter specializes in the creation and management of three-dimensional content in real time. The...

Performance Max - Google Ads

Performance Max: the new Google Ads campaign for advertisers

Available for all advertisers, Google Ads Performance Max campaigns allow you to develop your performance on all Google channels (YouTube, Search, Gmail, Discover, Display Network, Maps...). This...

Métavers Time Magazine

The metaverse on the cover of Time magazine!

Considered as one of the most influential on the international scene, Time magazine reaffirms its interest in the metaverse by dedicating its front page to this subject and its stakes. A few weeks...


Fashion: How social networks have revolutionized trends 2022-2023

If the fashion houses' shows were still dictating the fashion trends, Tik Tok and Instagram have now taken over. Fashion week has long remained a source of inspiration for the street. The collections...


Metaverse: the future of advertising?

The virtual world of the metaverse promises to revolutionize advertising. For example, traditional campaigns would be replaced by an immersive 3D experience. While some brands are still reluctant to...


Metavers: the future of human resources for recruitment?

Thanks to its numerous applications in the recruitment process, the metaverse appears to be a tool of the future for HR. This fictional three-dimensional universe offers total immersion in the form...

La beauté du futur

The beauty of the future at Vivatech

At VivaTech 2022, beauty and cosmetics were in the spotlight with a 325 square meter booth for L'Oreal. The brand unveiled its new immersive experiences to present the beauty of the future. Halfway...

La beauté et le web3

Beauty: luxury brands launch into the Web3

Aware of the progression of Web 3.0, major luxury and beauty brands such as Givenchy and Yves Saint Laurent are affirming their pioneering spirit by unveiling their very first NFT...

Métavers et luxe

Metaverse: Zuckerberg takes on the big luxury brands

After fashion, the metaverse and its most famous representative, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, is now tackling the world of luxury! The founder of Facebook met with Leonardo Del Vecchio, founder...

digital dans la mode et le luxe

Focus on the advent of digital content in the world of luxury and fashion

On the occasion of the e-P Summit, the forum dedicated to fashion and technology organized by Pitti Immagine on May 4 and 5 in Florence, the world of luxury and fashion returned to the importance of...