Top luxury searches on Google in France

As a true Internet leader, Google dictates the rules of SEO and the quest for the Holy Grail: the first page of search. When you want to increase your visibility, it is therefore essential to know the search trends and luxury keywords to work on your SEO. Here are the top luxury searches on Google in France.


The dependence of Luxury brands on Google

Consumers of luxury goods do not ignore the use of the Internet, quite the contrary. 61% research the web before buying a luxury product and use a search engine. Even though 92% of them end up buying a luxury product in a store, it is their research on the web that leads them there.

A study carried out by PMX Agency among 80 brands (Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Ralph Lauren, etc.) indicated that 54% of luxury brand traffic comes from natural referencing, against 46% from advertising. Search is therefore very important for visibility and luxury companies can no longer ignore SEO in their communication strategy.


The most searched Luxury brands on Google

The SEMrush SEO platform used its powerful tools to calculate the number of searches performed on Google and to provide an average according to the brands. The big winner is the French luxury leather goods manufacturer, renowned around the world.

Here are the top luxury brands searched monthly:

  1. « Louis Vuitton » records around 700,000 searches per month.
  2. « Balenciaga », 420,000 times.
  3. « Gucci », 410,000.
  4. « Dior », 320,000.
  5. « Hermès », 230,000.
  6. « Alexander McQueen », 220,000.
  7. « Chanel », 210,000.
  8. « Yves Saint Laurent », 150,000.
  9. « Versace », 130,000.


Top of the most popular luxury watches

The luxury pre-owned watch company Watchfinder & Co. analyzed Google queries and keywords to find the products consumers are most interested in. Globally, all research related to watches is around 63 million per year (or about 170,000 per day) and concerns 2,080 different models. Rolex is unanimous and takes the first four places on the podium. The watch brand is clearly showing its leadership and power here.

Here are the 5 most popular luxury watches with internet users:

  1. « Rolex Submariner », 5.1 million searches per year.
  2. « Rolex Daytona », 3.8 million.
  3. « Rolex Datejust », 2.5 million.
  4. « Rolex Oyster Perpetual », 1.8 million.
  5. « Audemars Piguet Royal Oak », 1.4 million.

Regarding France alone, Watchfinder & Co counts 4.8 million searches for luxury watches, i.e. 8% of global queries, approximately 400,000 monthly. Here are the top 10 keywords for luxury watches in France where Rolex still holds a considerable place:

  1. « Rolex Submariner », 486,000 searches.
  2. « Rolex Daytona », 397,200.
  3. « Audemars Piguet Royal Oak », 177,600.
  4. « Rolex Datejust », 177,600.
  5. « Patek Philippe Nautilus », 118,800.
  6. « Rolex Oyster Perpetual », 97,200.
  7. « Tag Heuer Monaco » , 97,200.
  8. « Breitling Navitimer », 79,200.
  9. « Rolex Day Date », 64,800.
  10. « Cartier Santos », 64,800.


Fashion and luxury jewelery research trends

Stylight, the search engine specializing in fashion and beauty products, unveils Google search trends for winter 2021 thanks to the comparative study of the behaviors of 12 million users during a period of four months between 2019 and 2020.

The most clicked products on Google reveal that pearls are making a comeback. They made their comeback last year. Clicks on pearl rings increased by 226% and clicks on pearl necklaces by 161%. Colorful beads are very popular. Stones also make a comeback, registering an increase of 1,100%.

Layering is also a major success. Internet users are showing interest in the accumulation of accessories like flat herringbone chains which show an interest rate of over 4000% compared to 2019! Another stackable and all the rage gem is the ring (+ 1600%).

The third trend in jewelry is that of animal inspiration. Luxury jewelry is thrilled like the snakes at Bulgari and Gucci or the famous Panthère de Cartier adorning rings, bracelets and pendants.


Top of the most happy luxury hotels on Google

Another interesting category in the luxury sector is the hotel industry. Let’s travel a bit by discovering the top 5 most searched luxury accommodation on Google:

  1. The Bristol Hotel in Warsaw” in Poland.
  2. Hotel Borgo Egnazia de Savelletri” in Italy.
  3. The Sol y Luna Hotel” in Peru.
  4. The Turtle Island Resort Hotel” located in Fiji.
  5. The Post Ranch Inn Hotel” in California.


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