Top 5 Fashion influencers in France

Fashion bloggers, YouTubers and Instagrammers have considerable power. They have built a loyal community over the years. At the forefront of current affairs and always up to date with trends, they share favorites and looks in highly aesthetic staging. With the explosion of Instagram, the impact of fashion influencers on a brand image is colossal. In 2020, a company cannot do without this leverage and must integrate an influence strategy into its marketing plan.

Alioze offers you a top 5 fashion influencers in France 2020.


1. Caroline Receveur



Caroline Receveur has made a name for herself by participating in reality TV shows. Wishing to prolong her celebrity, she initiated contracts with fashion brands.

She has since become one of the most followed influencers on Instagram, with nearly 4 million followers. She shares on her blog her lifestyle and her passion for fashion.

A true business woman, she is an ambassador for major brands such as L’Oréal and APM Monaco.

She founded her own brand Wandertea, detox teas and wellness guides, as well as Recc, a ready-to-wear brand.


2. Betty Autier



Betty Autier is one of the first French fashion bloggers to inspire more than one. In 2018, she revamped her blog and decided to focus more on Instagram, especially since the birth of her son.

Her community is nearing one million on social media. She seduces with her glamorous personality tinged with naturalness and frankness. She has collaborated with major luxury brands like Lancaster or Givenchy.


3. Garance Doré



Garance Doré is a blogger and Instagrammer, but her creativity doesn’t stop there. Through her photographs and illustrations, she is one of the most artistic fashion influencers.

She started blogging in 2006 in France to talk about femininity and style. She now lives in the United States, which has greatly extended her influence. Today it is aimed at a French-speaking community, but above all an English-speaking community, and embodies this French elegance abroad. The New York Times newspaper even considers her “a style keeper”.


4. Noholita



Noholita, alias Camille Callen, started her blog in 2014. She necessarily appears in the top 5 fashion influencers in France. Natural, she fully assumes her different styles, sometimes chic, sometimes relaxed. She remains transparent and expresses herself without a filter. She shares her favorites, her shopping tips and her trendy looks with her large community. With over 400,000 monthly visits to her blog, nearly 1 million Instagram followers and 150,000 on Youtube, she is considered one of the most popular influencers of this generation. She collaborates with several brands such as Lancôme or Dior.


5. Audrey Lombard



Audrey Lombard is also a pioneer, she has been present in the blogosphere for fifteen years. Her outfits are rather classic, she highlights a sober and chic style. This efficiency is surely due to her private life, she has a freelance fashion job (veterinarian) and a family life. Simplicity is the watchword on her Instagram account. With a mirror, her look of the day and a telephone, she inspires more than 400,000 subscribers on a daily basis.

Highlighting your strengths through a “Social Media” strategy is one of the specialties of Alioze, a communications agency specializing in fashion.


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