Top Health searches on Google in France

What interests the French most about their health ? Previously, the patient would go to his doctor when he had any questions or concerns. The latter reassured him, communicated information, a diagnosis and possible care. Today, you no longer ask your doctor, but Google.

What are the most frequently typed medical queries and health keywords in the search engine ? Here are the Google health and medical searches in France.



The year 2020 and coronavirus

  • Unsurprisingly, Google searches linked to the coronavirus swept up all other health topics in 2020. They exploded the week of March 15 to 21. According to SEMRush, the coronavirus had generated more than 26 million searches in France. The SEO news site Abondance analyzed in detail the searches of Internet users between March 16 and 19 and drew 8 conclusions:
    • The number of searches associated with a country concerned Italy in the first place. France was in 4th position among European countries.
    • The term “coronavirus” is used more than “covid 19” or “covid-19“.
    • Corsica is the most sought-after French region, followed by Brittany and Alsace.
    • Google’s main suggestions are coronavirus followed by country names.
    • Coronavirus + France” generated 74,000 searches. When we count “coronavirus + symptom” and “coronavirus + symptoms“, the total is 58,300 and is in second place.
    • The questions mainly typed in are: “how to catch the coronavirus“, “how the coronavirus is spread in the world”, “how to avoid the coronavirus“, etc.





The most frequently asked questions to Google before coronavirus

Analyzes prior to the covid 19 crisis show the research trends of the French before the upheaval of 2020.

In 2017, the website compiled a list of the 10 health questions most often typed into the Google search bar. The first concern of the French was on the flu with the questions :

  • “How to cure the flu”
  • “When to get the flu shot

Here are the other top 5 health searches :

  • ” How to quit smoking “
  • “How to treat a sore throat”
  • “How to sleep well”

The same year, Google spokesperson Evan Barbour Grippi revealed the top 10 most asked health questions in the United States :

  • “What causes the hiccups”
  • “How to stop snoring”
  • “Where do kidney stones come from”
  • “Why am I so tired”
  • “How long does the flu last”

CNN also analyzed some trends with the SEO tool Google Trends to show that research related to the “ketogenic diet” (a diet based on fat) has jumped 400% worldwide. The term opioid has also increased by 13% following the topic raised by President Donald Trump. These figures show that health research is often linked to current events or the lives of celebrities. For example, the term “lupus disease” ranked in position ten of the most searched for diseases on Google corresponded to when singer Selena Gomez spoke about her experience.



The most typical drugsin the search bar

The Newpharma website, the online pharmacy, analyzed which drugs were the most sought after to find out more about the health of French people and their medical concerns. Here are the top 10 Google searches for drugs:

  • amoxicillin, an antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections ;
  • tramadol, a powerful pain reliever ;
  • levothyrox, a medicine to treat thyroid problems ;
  • ibuprofen, used as a pain reliever for inflammation ;
  • prednisolone, an anti-inflammatory drug ;
  • alprazolam, the generic of Xanax, is an anxiolytic and hypnotic ;
  • Xanax itself is in 7th position ;
  • ketoprofen, another anti-inflammatory, prescribed for inflammatory rheumatism ;
  • atarax, an antihistamine recommended for anxiety disorders ;
  • vitamin B9 or folic acid which impacts the production of genetic material and amino acids.



Top disease requests

Newpharma offers another SEO study from 2018. This time it concerns diseases that have been the subject of the most searches on the Internet in a year. The online pharmacy discloses a ranking of the 100 most searched for diseases, again most often related to the news. Here are the top 5:

  • Endometriosis with a monthly search volume of 175,500. It has been emerging from the shadows for some time. It concerns one in ten women.
  • Charcot’s disease for 144,900 questions. Otherwise called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), this degenerative disease leads to paralysis.
  • Lyme disease, with 114,400 searches, is due to a tick bite and is the subject of much controversy in the medical sector.
  • Fybromyalgia, with 110,000 requests, causes pain and fatigue especially in women.
  • Crohn’s disease, for 95,900, is an inflammatory bowel disease.



Research trends are real tools for finding out more about the health of Internet users. All of this data recorded by Google is valuable for players in the medical sector, especially for developing an effective SEO strategy. They make it possible to analyze the behavior and learn more about the health of French people who are increasingly using search engines to answer their questions and seek assurance.

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