Top 5 Health influencers in France

Social networks are omnipresent in the daily life of French people. No sector can now miss this marketing lever, not even health.

In this unprecedented crisis situation due to Covid-19, social networks have more than ever a role to play in prevention with patients as well as in the sharing of information between healthcare professionals. Doctors, pharmacists and health communicators disclose their daily life and their advice to thousands of Internet users. Working with influencers has become essential. You must now take into account the opinions of digital leaders in your communication strategy.

Here are the top 5 of the most followed health influencers in France in 2020.


Dominique Noël

Dominique Noël made her debut in 2020 in the top 20 influencers in communication and marketing on Twitter. This ranking, produced by web experts (LEW), highlights influential women on this social network, from all sectors. As president of the Health Communication Festival, Dominique Noël is indeed an important figure in the field. Followed by more than 20,000 people on twitter, she is also a member of the supervisory board of Planet Media, publisher of health information sites. She tweets several times a day and always in a “positive” way. She does not seek controversy and prefers to use an objective and factual tone. She easily exchanges and gives advice to patients as well as to healthcare professionals.



Rémy Teston

Rémy Teston is passionate about digital and aware that social networks “are real tools and assets to inform, but also to boost a company or a brand“. After a 12-year career in large pharmaceutical laboratories (Sanofi, GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer), he became independent and created his company CamRem Factory, a consulting agency in digital health transformation.
At the same time, he founded the blog Buzz-e-santé. There, he shares his passion for digital communication and web marketing by communicating information and news from the medical community.
Through the Digital Health Club, he participates in discussions and analysis of digital development with other players in the sector.



Stéphanie Chevrel

Stéphanie Chevrel is president of the Health Information Observatory which she founded a few years ago. A Sciences Po graduate in 2016 in health management and policy, she is also the CEO of Capital Image and Acteurs de santé TV. This channel has an audience of 600,000 visitors per month. She wears many hats like that of a medical journalist and event planner. She also founded a communications and public relations agency in 1988.

The health influencer also regularly hosts conferences for the National Federation of Medical Information (FNIM), she is also its vice-president since 2018. She is also at the initiative of several surveys on the French and health.



Léa’s pharma advice

On her Instagram account, Léa calls herself “the first connected pharmacist”. With more than 32,000 subscribers and a commitment rate of 2.29%, she shares her health recommendations and her advice on micronutrition and dermo-cosmetics on a daily basis. Her blog bears the same name as her Instagram account, Léa’s pharma advice. She talks about pharmaceutical products, food supplements and advises treatments according to the pathologies and problems of each. It is primarily aimed at a young audience (25 – 34 years old) and women (90% of its audience). Mother of three children, she shares all this in her personal environment and thus creates a closeness with her community.




Under the name Aviscène, actually hides a young medical intern who is present on most social networks. He has over 33,000 Instagram followers with an engagement rate of around 6%. More than 27,000 people follow him on Youtube.

With an offbeat tone, he looks back on his experiences as a medical student. Since the coronavirus crisis, he shows his daily life and that of his colleagues. The health influencer brings his community to the heart of the hospital to show working conditions and to image difficult times, always with humor.




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