France’s favourite jewellery brands

Jewellery is a true tradition of craftsmanship in France and its know-how is recognized throughout the world. The French know this and take advantage of it. They are the first customers of jewelry brands. As a jewellery professional, you need to know your target audience’s tastes in order to position yourself in the best possible way. For this, Alioze reveals the favorite jewelry brands of the French. Which jewels are the most successful in the hearts of women and men?


Top jewellery brands

The number 1 jewellery brand

Every year, a study by EY-Parthenon lists the brands preferred by the French in all sectors. At the request of the marketing media, around 10,000 Internet users are asked to give their opinion on the brand they cherish the most. From these data, the label Enseigne Préféré des Français (French Favourite Brand) is derived. A total of 200 brands are evaluated in some 20 categories.

The first place in the jewellery category is awarded to Histoire d’Or. In 2021, the jewelry store has a fan base of 24.9%. It even increased by 1.5% compared to 2020, as if the crisis had strengthened the position of the leader.

marques bijoux préferées français

First jeweller of France, Histoire d’or was born on the French Riviera with the aim of satisfying all the French and not only the most privileged. It is not surprising that the brand is popular with the French, as it is positioned as a shop accessible to all.

Top 10 luxury jewellery and watch brands

Another ranking is that of Forbes, which worked hand in hand with analyst Launchmetrics to determine a ranking of the most successful companies in France and around the world.

This is an extensive analysis that determines the influence of the brand. By studying a hundred indicators, Launchmetrics delivers a Media Impact Value (MIV), i.e. an estimated value of the brand.

Here are the top 10 jewellery and watch brands:

1. Rolex: 135 156 859
2. Cartier: $123,807,000
3. Swarovski: 113 463 690
4. Tiffany & Co. : 92 061 825
5. Chopard: 66 908 904
6. Tag Heuer : 32 524 177
7. Patek Philippe: 32,159,591
8. Van Cleef & Arpels: 29,800,085
9. Audemars Piguet: 27,932,260
10. Breitling: 25 710 822


France’s favourite jewellery

The ring, the darling of French women

600 women were asked about their jewellery preferences. The solitaire diamond is the big winner of this survey. Indeed, 50% of French women remain classic and adore traditional jewellery with its noble gemstone. However, the models appreciated are not the same according to the age of the respondents.

In terms of model choice, contemporary style is in first place with 57% of the votes. Whereas the English women would be more fans of the round diamonds, the women of France like with 14 % the diamonds in the shape of heart, 12 % with equality for the cushion and the princess diamond and 11 % for the marquise. Women over 45 choose rectangular shapes.

Do women always want more? 70% of respondents would like to own a ring with additional side diamonds. Maybe not so much, as the ladies would be more interested in quality than quantity. 56% give more importance to the quality of the diamond and the sparkle than to its size.

White gold and silver, the most popular materials for men

What about the men in all this? Jewellery is not only for women, men are also fond of wedding rings, signet rings, bracelets and chains. The most active age group is that of young men, between 25 and 45 years old, who prefer to see jewellery in a shop rather than buy it online from e-shops, even though the latter are increasing by 20%.
According to the Tribune, white gold and silver items are the most popular. Gold has been retreating since 2014 when it had dominated the market for a long time.


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