Top 6 restaurant influencers in France

Social media and especially Instagram are very powerful tools for restaurant businesses. 8 out of 10 young French people have discovered a product or a place through an influencer. 38% of Instagram users view food content. Indeed, influencers have considerable power over their community. They share their daily life and their experience in restaurants. As a restaurant owner, conducting an influencer strategy is an important step in your communication, not to be put aside. Here are the top restaurant influencers in France.


Raphaële Marchal

Followed by nearly 90,000 followers on Instagram, Raphaële Marchal is an author, journalist and restaurant expert. She started out as a blogger, sharing her tips and favorites on her site En Rang d’oignons.

Today she has a recognized place in the culinary journalistic world and has chosen to abandon blogging to devote herself to radio, print and television. Both a food writer and a food columnist on C8’s “William à Midi”, she is passionate about cooking and defends healthy eating. She highlights local production and peasant know-how on her Instagram account.



Alexis’ Paris

Alexis unearths nuggets to eat and drink as he states on his 25,000+ follower Instagram account. He also organizes a food contest every week. He alternates between different styles of posts. Between video reviews of Parisian restaurants and photographs of gourmet and tasty dishes, he makes his thousands of fans hungry.


Alexis’ Paris is also a blog. In its sections “tops”, “restaurants”, “unusual”, “old Paris”, “the metro”, it guides tourists and Parisians through the capital to reveal the right address.


Mina Soudiram

Mina Soudiram is a street-food gourmet. Lifestyle journalist at the Express, podcaster and columnist on Paris Première in the show Très très bon, she mixes humor and passion for food on her Instagram account. If you want to increase the visibility of your restaurant, you can call on his services. She communicates all her good plans to her 60,000 followers.

Born in Paris to an Indo-Vietnamese father and a Franco-Italian mother, Mina grew up in the south and now lives in Paris. She has kept a good mood and a sunny joie de vivre. She says she goes to restaurants 5-6 times a week to discover new places and new dishes.



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The Ultimate Guide

The ultimate guide to Paris is made up of 100 restaurant addresses carefully selected by Victor Habchy, content creator, and Nora Barault, founder of the companies Siouplait and EtMerci. They have also created a website called the ultimate deal which allows you to get 50% in a restaurant per week after signing up for 2 euros.

The Instagram account has over 160,000 followers and a gigantic influence. So much so that a simple promotion for a kebab moved crowds in March 2021, before leading to the restaurant being shut down by the police. The restaurant influencer was offering his student subscribers a free meal. The police had to intervene because the barriers were no longer respected.



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Vanessa Besnard

Vanessa Besnard writes on her blog Les Délices de Vanessa. She reveals all the restaurant addresses she tests in Paris, but also in the rest of France.

Before becoming an influencer, Vanessa worked for travel guide publications. She has also participated in the writing of the Michelin and Fooding guides. This is probably why she has published her own culinary guides in which she gives 100 addresses where to have an aperitif in the capital, but also places to have a brunch or to taste cuisines from around the world.



Culture Foood

Behind the Culture Foood account is Marie, who talks about food in all its forms, from street food to starred restaurants, but she hates fast food! She lives in Paris, but she doesn’t focus only on the capital, as she travels everywhere, especially in the north of France. She has also developed a “food trip” category on her blog Culture Food.

She describes herself as “committed to eating well, passionate about the stories of chefs and producers, and a fan of anything that challenges the palate.

With marketing and communication studies in her pocket, she puts her know-how to good use in the restaurant business. If you want to get your brand in front of its 40,000 followers and give your restaurant a boost, reach out to influencer Culture food.


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