Trends in hotel searches on Google in 2023

What are the most typed searches in 2023 on Google in the hotel sector? What are the behaviors of Internet users and hotel customers? It is essential to know how tourists and business clients find out about hotels and book their rooms. This makes it possible to adapt and respond as precisely as possible to travellers’ habits.

Hotel-related searches according to Google in 2023

Google Ads regularly studies the searches made on the search engine to analyze and understand consumer trends. The firm’s team compared key hotel queries over the past two years between November and January.

The covid is still very much present and with it, government restrictions. Internet users dream of going to far away places, but in the meantime, they continue to travel close to home. The requests “hotels nearby” have increased by 80% from one year to the next, but also “holiday centres nearby” and “ski resorts nearby”.

While the desire to go away for a weekend or a holiday remains strong, it is accompanied by the important digitalization. Travelers are increasingly booking online and looking for a convenient and intuitive tool to do so: the search for “hotel booking app” has increased by more than 100% in one year.

Local travel is not the only one that has shown a resurgence of interest. The more distant trips to be expected. Queries such as “passport photo” saw a 60% increase between the winters of 2020 and 2021. Hopefully, the world’s hotels will continue to be popular. Here are the most popular luxury hotels on the search engine.


The most searched luxury hotels on Google

  1. The Bristol Hotel in Warsaw, Poland.
  2. Hotel Borgo Egnazia in Savelletri, Italy is googled about 49,000 times every month.
  3. Hotel Sol y Luna in Peru is searched 45,700 times.
  4. Turtle Island Resort, Nanuya Levu, Fiji, over 45,000 times.
  5. Post Ranch Inn, California is typed about 27,000 times.

Trends in customer travel behaviour on the Internet

Coach Omnium, the consulting firm specializing in tourism and hotels, regularly conducts customer studies. It shows interesting behavioural trends to know in order to adapt one’s marketing strategy and to perfectly adapt to one’s target.

How do guests book their hotels?

Hotel guests don’t want to waste time or make mistakes in their booking choices. It is important to know that 9 out of 10 leisure customers browse the web before choosing their accommodation.

  • 9 out of 10 travellers book their hotel on the web and 3% never.
  • 54% of business customers do it themselves and 37% rely on their company.
  • 1/3 of leisure guests book the hotel.

Where do customers find out about their destinations?

The Internet is the primary source of information. ¾ of hotel guests actually rely on reviews. 93% of hoteliers play the game and pay attention to their online reputation.

  • Word of mouth is the second source of information.
  • Paper guides such as Lonely Planet and Routard are still 18% useful. However, fewer and fewer tourists rely on it. In 2009, 35% of respondents used this method to obtain information.
  • Tourist offices and travel agencies are also increasingly neglected.
  • 74% of hotel professionals manage their social networks and are aware of the impact of this new communication channel.

On the Internet, it is the OTAs that generate the most bookings. Booking is the first. 18% of tourists think they will find the cheapest rates on this type of site. However, some customers prefer to book directly with hoteliers, including 17% of business people and 31% of tourists. An estimated 15% of people find their accommodation on an online platform and then go directly to the hotelier to book.

Location, price and e-reputation are the three criteria to be taken into account for the booking. The number of stars is now essential for only 14% of people, whereas 64% of customers in 2008 paid attention to it.

How to adapt to Internet users’ behaviour

It should be noted that the most typed definition in 2020 was procrastination. The French love to learn, but you shouldn’t push it…
As a hotelier, you have to adapt to customer behaviour by responding to trends and the most popular searches in Google. Ideally, you should:

  • Have an integrated booking engine on your website;
  • simplify the booking process as much as possible;
  • Inform as much as possible about the services and offers with details and pictures;
  • Work on the geolocation of your establishment as much as possible;
  • Automatically send the customer the booking confirmation;
  • Maintain your e-reputation, for example, by responding to online comments.

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