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Communication campaigns on the theme of the hotel industry must be striking in the face of strong competition. Even though customers are increasingly using the Internet for information before booking accommodation, hotel marketing strategies are still multi-channel in order to reach the target audience on all fronts. Whether it’s on television, on the Internet or on billboards, some advertising campaigns stand out thanks to their relevance. Check out the top 5 best hotel ads of the past few years.

A monumental installation to celebrate InterContinental® Hotels & Resorts

Luxury hotel brand Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts collaborated with Alexander Hall for a grand communication plan. Through his alias, Haut de gamme, the English artist proposes colorful and pop works, intended to decorate the interiors.

As part of the partnership, Alexander created an installation that commemorates the 200 Intercontinental branded properties. The monumental sculpture is composed of 200 bottles of champagne painted with unique illustrations designed for each hotel. The whole is suspended and forms the number 200. The artist wanted “the bottles to reflect the unique personality, design and location of each InterContinental hotel, as well as the legacy and pioneering spirit of founder Juan Trippe. This travelling installation was exhibited in some of the hotels of the hotel chain.

In addition to this exceptional work of art, Alexander Hall has created a limited edition painting. High-end exhibitions and events were also organized in Intercontinental hotels around the world to complement this huge publicity stunt.

A wedding in paradise at a resort in the Bahamas

The Bahamas Tourist Board regularly conducts large-scale communication plans to attract more tourists to their archipelago. While the islands of New Providence and Paradise Island are world famous, few people know that the Bahamas is actually made up of over 700 islands.

The Nassau-based Ministry of Tourism understands this and wants to promote all 16 major destinations. He has worked with major resorts to implement an innovative and unprecedented marketing strategy. They have therefore proposed to 16 brides and grooms to get married on January 16 at 4pm in one of the 16 hotels.

Everything is taken care of for the winning couples to realize their dream wedding. In exchange for an investment of between $1,300 and $5,600, the hotels will benefit from an advertising campaign deployed on the web and social networks. A romantic way to get people talking about them!

A digital ad for the hotel of the future

The communication agency We are social has designed a digital device for the hotel chain Novotel that allows Internet users to imagine and create a hotel room in 2067.

In a post on Facebook, Internet users were asked to give their ideas for developing four areas of a hotel room: the sleeping area, the office area, a play area for children and the bathroom.

This digital communication operation called on the imagination and creativity of Internet users. Their ideas were then transcribed by a design studio. The result was proposed in the form of drawings and a video that allows to visualize the steps of creation of the room. Involving users in an interactive and playful way, through social networks, was a brilliant idea to enlighten Novotel.


B&B Hotels, communication for all

B&B Hotels’ 2019 campaign, Only for everyone, positions the brand with its target audience and shows its values to as many people as possible.

Through a poster campaign and an advertising video deployed on the net and social networks, B&B Hotels is seeking to conquer the greatest number of people by addressing sleepers, gourmets, regulars, wifi addicts, etc. It is a way of addressing its different clienteles, whether it be business or leisure tourism, families or friends.

B&B Hotels has established itself as a service accessible to everyone, everywhere. The marketing campaign is also available on different media that can be found inside the establishments such as postcards, banners, door hangers, etc.

Swiss Hotel targets business tourism

Hotel Hof de Planis has called on the Swiss communications agency for its corporate marketing campaign. The hotel, in addition to attracting a private clientele, also has seminar and meeting rooms for workers.

The aim of this campaign was to attract companies to hold their business events in a mountain setting. The agency has therefore mixed the office automation tool power point with the grandiose landscapes of the high mountains, a non-negligible asset. The landscapes are drawn with graphs, arrows, curves and pie charts, in order to combine the useful with the pleasant. The various posters are divided into seasons, to show that no matter what time of year, the hotel welcomes business guests all year round.

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