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Has the relationship with your service provider deteriorated? Has your digital agency closed? Do you want to benefit from a size structure more suited to your development compared to historical support with a freelance or an agency that combined several tasks without being really specialist?

Alioze receives this type of request very regularly. The change of provider for the maintenance or recovery of your website or e-commerce represents an important step in your web development strategy and must be done smoothly, without penalizing the existing one, and with a great sense of anticipation.




Retrieving the code from a website developed by a third party requires a global vision of the task to be implemented:

  • Obtaining full access (Registrar, Server, Backoffice, Social profiles or Google accounts);
  • Protect against legal risk if the code is proprietary vs open source;
  • Understanding of the profiles of former contacts;
  • IT consulting and audit of the existing website;
  • Role of mediation.
Alioze, a website maintenance expert



Our services in website maintenance or recovery

A large part of our clientele reaches us through our website. The companies that contact us always tell us about their history and the reasons that push them to change web providers or SS2II.

It is essential for us to understand your expectations and the specific requirements that you put forward very early on. Our motto – ListeningSharingSuccess – is particularly aimed at those who are in this sensitive transition phase.

Unfortunately, we do not take all the incoming files because our priority is to develop our active clients and support them in their deployment. When taking over a website, budget and vision are two essential components for Alioze to position itself.

If the conditions are met and you become an Alioze customer, you benefit from high-end and tailor-made support for all your requests.

Ideally, these are framed in a specification which allows the constitution of a precise budget, based on our usual rates.



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