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Graphic integration (XHTML – CSS 3) is a crucial step in your digital development project. The integrator takes over the models or graphic elements (Sketch, Photoshop or Illustrator files) that exist only on paper or “flat” and makes them live in web format.

Integration must bring together several skills and requires both creative and very rigorous stakeholders so as not to degrade the work of graphic designers and UI designers. In order to bring your website to life, integration is a heavy workload.

As a digital integration agency, Alioze respects very strict standards, in particular in terms of responsive and ergonomics which require controlled adaptation.




Our web integration services

  • Magento integration: we integrate Bootstrap 3 on the grid. Our projects are clean, coded with love and respect for the criteria of Google Page Speed ​​(insight) which impose to be very meticulous in our developments.
  • WordPress integration: we create templates or use existing templates.

Attentive and expert, the Alioze web integrator knows how to speak to the client, be reactive, adapt and work flexibly. Every day, he carries out research and improves his know-how daily in order to offer the most original CSS effects, a fluid and sensory navigation mechanism, without ever degrading the original design. We are always focused on the end user, page performance, and a modern and sustainable look and feel.


Alioze, an integration web expert


Alioze’s SS2I approach is transparent and clearly explained to our customers who know exactly what they are paying for and are free to choose the type of web integration they want. We are proud to note that some of our sites, whose design has not been renewed for three, four, or even more years, are still readable today.



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