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Alioze interfaces the e-commerce / Magento of its customers with numerous ERP, most generally open source, in order to help them in their management of purchases, stock, commercial, their accounting and customer relationship day by day and in real time .

For more than ten years, we have been carrying out various web development tasks by facilitating the different management requirements of our customers – artisans, liberal professions, SMEs, very small and large businesses – from various activity sectors – on all fronts of their trades .

We have thus developed our knowledge of the different markets and our mastery of the functional needs specific to each of them.




SAP, SAGE, Oracle: a tailor-made chosen ERP

With a view to simplifying the IT activities of our customers, we support them in their interface needs. In order for this support to be optimal and in perfect adequacy with their expectations, we are daily expanding our skills in web development, Magento e-commerce and our solutions for integrating third-party systems.

With Alioze, the choice of your integrated management software and its computer interfacing with your platform, Magento or other, necessarily involves the study of:

  • Your technical documentation.
  • Specific developments for your profession / field of activity.
  • Your real need for communication between the website (front, middle, back) and the third-party application.

The exchange of “flat” files or the use of Api’s will make it possible to circulate information or call the right data at the right time.

Alioze, a ERP interfacing expert


10 main ERP software with which Alioze interfaces you

  • Clip Industrie with:
    • Clipper
    • Helios ERP
  • CEGID with:
    • Ligne YourCegid
  • DEAL Informatique
  • EBP Informatique with:
    • Ligne PME OpenLine Technology
  • Microsoft with:
    • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
    • Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Oracle Corporation with:
    • E-Business Suite
    • Peoplesoft Enterprise
    • JD Edwards Enterprise One
  • Prodware with:
    • Prodware adjust
  • SAGE with:
    • Api (PE)
    • Ciel (TPE / PME)
    • Sage 30 et Sage 100 (PME / PMI)
    • Sage 1000 (MGE)
    • Sage ERP X3 (PMI / MGE)
  • SAP with:
    • SAP ERP
  • PROJEKT PRO with:
    • PRO controlling
    • PRO management



Other ERP and CRM software

  • Odoo (formerly know as OpenERP and Tiny ERP)
  • Kiwili (for project management)
  • Siagilus SAS :
    • Simus (for service companies)
  • BSA Conseil
    • Fitnet Manager (for consulting and service companies)
  • Inovea Conseil
    • Dolibat (for craftsmen and SMEs in the building industry)
  • ISI Développement
    • re]Source (flow management and traceability for SMEs, SMIs or large groups)
  • Easybill SAS with:
    • Sellsy (for sales management of all types of activity)
  • Entreprise Facile with:
    • INCWO (CRM and online invoicing)
  • Evoliz with:
    • Evoliz (CRM and online invoicing)
  • Everwin :
    • Everwin SX (for service SMEs)
  • Groupe Divalto with:
    • Divalto idylis (commercial management, CRM, accounting, pay slip for SMEs)
  • LUNDI MATIN with:
    • Lundi Matin Business (invoicing, commercial management and ERP)
  • Si Web with:
    • SiWiGo (ERP SaaS mode)
    • SWG V5.0 (CRM + ERP + BI + Ecommerce)
  • Fletesia with:
    • Fletesia (Billing, commercial management and accounting for micro enterprises)
  • ABW with:
    • C-FIRST (CRM and ERP available in SaaS)
  • Organilog (for all types of VSE, SMEs and large companies)
  • Zéphir SARL with:
    • Zéphir ERP (human resources management and business management)
  • Ekylibre with:
    • Ekylibre (for farms, plant and animal production)



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