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Alioze interface of a CRM software with your Magento e-commerce in order to help you in the management of your customer relationship.

Our web development agency skills coupled with our SS2I know-how allow our team to support and train you in this structural change to your business, while helping you to develop skills without disruption in-house.

Depending on your needs, the structure and the size of your business / e-commerce, Alioze interfaces your Magento to a CRM, often open-source, with features adapted to the specifics of your activity.




Why use CRM software?

The challenge of customer relationship management is considerable. Cyber ​​buyers are increasingly demanding: they want to be listened to, feel unique and expect reactivity from the company.

The CRM then intervenes to:

  • Optimizing and developing customer, prospect or specifier relationships;
  • Prospect new customers effectively;
  • Improve the relationship and the services offered.

By using all the data from the customer contact channels, the CRM makes it possible to centralize all of the exchanges. Very practical functionalities, while the collaborators of the various departments of a company evolve in an environment of permanent and multichannel solicitations (telephones, smartphones, e-mails, social networks, working documents on the drive, etc.).

With CRM, the dissemination and exchange of information between different employees is made easier.

The CRM software prevents them from spreading themselves out by leaving notes, minutes (of meetings, presentations, etc.) in separate media from each other. Employees then have all the keys in hand to move forward and make the best decisions thanks to a 360 ° vision of your Magento business / e-commerce business.

Interfacing CRM in Cloud / SaaS or Intranet mode with your Magento allows you to access information that is automatically updated at any time.

Alioze, an ERP interfacing expert



CRM: customer relations and commercial functions

The functionality of CRM software operates at four levels:

  • Pre-sales: knowing customer needs and targeting them better by responding to identified needs and determining what satisfies them or what they think of the business.
  • Sales: management and follow-up of the various contacts (quotes, reminders, etc.), the agenda or even appointments.
  • Customer relationship management: customer loyalty and maximization of the relationship by developing targeted actions through data analysis and obtaining activity reports; automation of e-mailing campaigns, newsletter and personalization of exchanges thanks to a service adapted to the transactional history of customers.
  • After-sales: customer assistance.

Since it records all the histories with your customers, the CRM is a true memory of the activities and commercial interactions of your company. All of this makes it possible to set up a global marketing strategy adapted to the expectations of your customers.

However, the interface between CRM and Magento e-commerce is not random. With the integration of CRM, the company moves from a product marketing approach to a client marketing approach: it is the latter which comes to be placed at the heart of the company’s strategy.



5 main CRM software with which Alioze interfaces you

  • Salesforce
  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft CRM
  • IBM



Other CRM softwares

  • Youday CRM
  • Act!
  • CiviCRM
  • Coheris CRM
  • Dolibarr
  • Dune Gestion
  • E-DEAL
  • Efizion
  • Everwin CXM
  • Eudonet
  • Hogunsoft
  • Keyrus
  • Koban CRM
  • MyPortal_CRM
  • Nelis
  • Office Immobilier
  • Oasis CRM
  • Odoo (anciennement OpenERP et Tiny ERP)
  • Relationeo CRM
  • Sage CRM
  • Selligent
  • Simple CRM
  • SpeeDealing
  • Sphinx Manager
  • SugarCRM
  • TeamLab
  • TeamWox
  • YellowBox CRM
  • You Don’t Need a CRM
  • Pega CRM Solutions
  • Solo Solution Autonome



Leaders in the global CRM software market

CRM Salesforce SAP Oracle



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