Top automotive searches on Google

Car buyers can’t get enough of Google. In 2016, already 84% of car customers inquire about the search before buying their new vehicle. The search engine is the first source of inspiration. In order to adapt your SEO strategy for your brand, here are the main automotive searches on Google.


Top online searches for car brands

Whether they are lovers of mechanics or simply people looking for their next cars, everyone now uses Google and other search engines to find information.

Millions of searches for cars are typed in the world. Holts Auto has looked into this very question by analysing the data provided by Google Keyword Planner. Here are the figures for monthly searches on car manufacturers collected for twelve months between April 2019 and May 2020 in France and worldwide.

The most searched brands on Google in France are :

  1. BMW, Peugeot and Renault are tied for first place with 550,000 searches. We know how attached the French are to the country’s national and emblematic brands, but the surprise is the interest shown in the German brand BMW;
  2. Tesla and Volkswagen come in fourth with 450,000 searches each. This shows first of all that the French are increasingly interested in electric cars, which are taking an important place in the car market. Moreover, the French also show confidence in and attachment to German cars. Our European neighbours have two brands in the top 5 of automotive queries on Google;
  3. follows Toyota with 368,000 searches;
  4. Audi with 301,000 searches;
  5. Citroën, with 246,000 searches. The third largest French car brand is far behind its competitors;
  6. Porsche, also with 246,000 searches;
  7. Ferrari with 201,000 searches. Even if luxury cars remain a niche, they nevertheless arouse a keen interest among the French.

Holts Auto also looked at the global and European results. The French are not the only ones who appreciate BMW. The German car manufacturer comes first in web searches in 137 of the 172 countries surveyed. In the United States, the brand has over 5 million searches. The confidence of Internet users in BMW is indeed unanimous!

Toyota, in second place, is the leader in 21 countries and Mercedes is third on the podium. Tesla is in 4th place. As for Ferrari, the Italian luxury company is still attracting a lot of interest on the web around the world and is in seventh place.
And guess where it comes up in the 1st position in automotive queries on Google? In Monaco!


Top requests for luxury cars

Another study, by the website Money, looked specifically at luxury cars. Money’s analysis is dated February 2021. It was based on the data provided by the Ahrefs tool on monthly searches in the world for the past year.

Among 17 models, the vehicle that tops the podium in terms of number of online searches is Tesla’s Model S, which is good news for the planet. Tesla once again shows its popularity. It tops the list in 29 different countries. It outstrips even the most iconic luxury car brands.

Here are the top 10 queries worldwide:

  1. Tesla Model S tops the search in 29 countries;
  2. Audi A8, in 22 countries ;
  3. BMW X7 in 19 countries ;
  4. Porsche Panamera in 17 countries;
  5. Range Rover SVR in 15 countries ;
  6. Rolls-Royce Phantom, in 10 countries ;
  7. Range Rover Vogue in 6 countries ;
  8. Rolls-Royce Cullinan, Jaguar XJ and Bentley Continental GT are tied. They lead the search in 3 countries.

This is also the case in France, where the Bentley Continental GT, in 10th place in the world rankings, has taken first place.


Top 10 most sought-after classic cars in 2020

Finally, we take a look at another type of barometer, that of the most sought-after classic cars in France, orchestrated by the Classic Expert website. For the past five years, it has published its ranking, based on online queries, but also on classified ads and auctions.

At the top of the ranking is the Porsche 911, which has dethroned the emblematic Citroën 2CV, which had been in first place for many years. The Ford Mustang is in third place. The Mercedes SL enters the ranking for the first time and immediately climbs to 4th place. The Volkswagen Beetle, Austin Mini, Volkswagen Combi, BMW 3 Series, Citroen Mehari and the Chevrolet Corvette follow.


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