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The implementation of social ads on the most influential social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Youtube, etc.) has become inevitable in a global marketing strategy for acquiring digital traffic.

For a long time, traditional advertisements have demonstrated their inability to effectively reach a target audience. Conversely, the social media audience is clearly identifiable.


Social Ads: best targeting guaranteed

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (now X), Pinterest, TikTok and LinkedIn have become part of the daily lives of several hundred million consumers who spend more and more time there. In the UK, they have tens of millions of monthly active users.

Since they are within your reach, you might as well take advantage of these powerful targeting tools that are social networks. Thanks to them, you have all the keys in hand to reach, with your social ads, audiences defined according to precise characteristics over relevant periods.

Because the main advantage of social ads is being able to reach an audience based on users’ interests, but also on specific socio-demographic and socio-professional criteria.

By crossing different targeting variables − age, gender, profession, category of interests or even geographic location − it becomes possible to find your core target.

Social networks have a magic wand effect. Provided you master the codes and the issues, they allow you to know which Internet user profiles will be the most receptive to your message and to adapt the message to be transmitted accordingly.

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Our social ads services

Depending on the objectives of your business, Alioze designs, configures, implements and manages different types of social ads. Each allows us to meet various objectives:

  • Develop your sales, your visibility and your notoriety.
  • Generate engagement.
  • Boost the download of a mobile app, a white paper, or other content.
  • Promote your business or brand on social media.
  • Dissemination of commercial offers or special operations.
  • Increase traffic to your website / e-shop.

Our panoramic vision of all aspects of communication and marketing allows us to imagine, design and optimize astonishing and attractive social ads so that your “call to action” comes to fruition.



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