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A behavioral analysis remains a necessary part of your traffic acquisition strategy for seduction to operate between your website and Internet users.

To implement the most suitable customer marketing strategy on your website or e-commerce, it is best to observe the reaction of Internet users when they navigate there. Studying, determining and identifying the desires of your audience are the three spearheads of behavioral analysis.




Collect and analyze user behavior

When meticulously used, behavioral data collection tools like Google Analytics help to better understand the desires of Internet users. They provide a lot of information about your visitors’ profiles, how they behave and what they like and dislike.

Alioze implements a behavioral analysis to review / refine your customer approach or ensure the accuracy of your marketing predictions. We identify the Internet users’ journey on your website via several criteria:

  • How they act;
  • Time spent on each of your pages;
  • Navigation depth;
  • The scrolls in the page;
  • Elements that block action;
  • The elements they seek to engage.

From this data, Alioze extracts behavioral patterns of purchase and navigation based on different Internet profiles.

Alioze, a behavioral analysis expert

This meticulous analysis reveals the flaws and obstacles to the development of your website. Once identified, the problems are obviously corrected.

But the behavioral analysis doesn’t stop there. It continues with real-time observation of the impact of the changes on your performance in terms of conversion, abandonment and bounce rate. In order to get as close as possible to customer expectations, the operation is repeated several times until the objectives defined in terms of performance are reached.



Our services in behavioral analysis

  • Definition of the objectives of the analysis in terms of profitability, accessibility, changes in conversion rates, etc.
  • Comparative data analysis;
  • Behavioral report;
  • Interpretation and corrective actions;
  • Action tracking.



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