The metaverse on the cover of Time magazine!

Considered as one of the most influential on the international scene, Time magazine reaffirms its interest in the metaverse by dedicating its front page to this subject and its stakes. A few weeks ago, the weekly magazine had already partnered with the blockchain gaming company The Sandbox in order to build the city of New York…virtually!


The future of digital on the front page of the legendary US magazine

On its Twitter page, Time magazine unveiled the cover of its August 8-15, 2022 issue. The famous media announced that this fictional world “will change everything”. To design the cover image, which plunges us at a glance into a virtual and futuristic universe, the newspaper has partnered with Micah Johnson, a graphic artist specialized in digital exploration. We discover a kind of portal to a new dimension, crossed by a helmeted character who seems to welcome us. Around him, a particularly intriguing technological world refers to the future era of the Internet. The metaverse is a parallel three-dimensional world in which users can work, trade, communicate, shop, learn and be entertained. In the metaverse, barriers fall. It doesn’t matter what your skin color, gender or socio-economic status is, because everyone is represented by an avatar. That’s why Time magazine’s cover character, Aku, wears an astronaut’s helmet. The magazine devotes several pages to this theme, where it talks about virtual worlds, NFT, cryptocurrencies and web3.



The metaverse: towards new opportunities

Faced with the infinite possibilities offered by this Internet of the future, it is essential to think about its organization now. Matthew Ball, managing partner of the hedge fund Epyllion, specifies that the metaverse will exacerbate “many of the problems of today’s digital existence”. We are obviously thinking of misinformation and invasion of privacy. For this specialist, it is essential that developers, but also consumers, are aware of their ability to influence our future by building a more egalitarian global economy. Time magazine nevertheless asserts that this Internet of the future will take on considerable importance and that the dominant companies will be those that have invested in the metaverse. The media has already created an NFT: TIMEPieces. These non-fungible tokens offer unique immersive experiences with access to discussions, events and video projections.

The front page of Time magazine illustrates the importance of the metaverse in the global media landscape. One more argument (if one were needed) to convince the most pessimistic who still hesitate to invest in the web3.

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